Automatic pH Balancing Systems

Source: ClearBlu Environmental


ClearBlu builds package pH balancing systems for high strength wastewater that are robust and low maintenance.  High strength strength wastewater can easily blind pH sensors, even when they are insertion mounted in a pipe.  ClearBlu utilizes digital self-cleaning immersion sensors for reliability, longer periods between calibration and lower chemical usage.

Mixing is not done with conventional tank mixers.  Tank mixers require longer retention time to be effective.  ClearBlu utilizes centrifugal pumps with double hard face silicon carbide viton seals and mixing eductors to provide much more thorough mixing. Chemical is introduced into the mixing streaming for rapid adjustment and lower chemical consumption.

Package systems are easy to install and can be online in hours.  Tanks are built from marine grade aluminum or stainless steel. pH 2, 3 and 4 are available with on-board duplex lift stations.  This feature consolidates valuable real estate and eliminates the need for excavation to move the treated wastewater to treatment tanks or sanitary sewer.