AutoMate-Q40 Automated QuEChERS Sample Preparation Workstation

Source: Teledyne Tekmar


The AutoMate-Q40 is a revolutionary system specifically designed and optimized to automate the QuEChERS sample preparation workflow.

The system is configured ‘out of the box’ to conduct two of the most popular QuEChERS sample preparation methods: AOAC 2007.01(Pesticide Residues in Food by Acetonitrile Extraction and Partitioning with Magnesium Sulfate) and EN 15662.2008 (Foods of Plant Origin—Determination of Pesticide Residues Using GC-MS and/or LC-MS/MS Following Acetonitrile Extraction/Partitioning and Clean-up by Dispersive SPE—QuEChERS method).

The AutoMate-Q40 system automates the following sample prep functions:

  • Liquid dispensing/pipetting
  • Vortex mixing
  • Vial shaking
  • Opening/closing sample vials
  • Addition of solid reagents (ex. salts, buffers)
  • Identifying liquid levels
  • Decanting
  • Centrifugation
  • Matrix spiking
  • dSPE cleanup

The AutoMate-Q40 incorporates a unique, innovative technology called VialVision™ (patent pending) that is able to reliably identify liquid levels, differentiate between multiple aqueous layers within a vial and then calculate their associated volumes.

Additional capabilities of the AutoMate-Q40:

  • Enable you to achieve improved precision and accuracy for the QuEChERS sample preparation methods being conducted
  • Ability to add sample capacity to your lab without adding staff or paying overtime
  • Reduce the negative impact that your lab operation currently has on the environment
  • Improve workplace safety