ATOMUS Water Treatment Media & Cartridge


A proprietary binary metal, ATOMUS® is available as both a granular bulk media and a specially formulated powder media for use in cartridges. Both media forms were designed not only to provide maximum capacity through the high surface area but also improved stability against pH upset to prevent possible desorption of bound arsenic both during use and in landfill conditions.

  • Unparalleled non-leachable Arsenic bond
  • Removes Arsenic III & V simultaneously
  • NSF 61 certified for drinking water use.
  • Non-toxic. Media passed USEPA TCLP and California Wet Tests*
  • Imparts no odor, taste or color to water
  • No backwashing required using ATOMUS® F11 cartridges
  • pH range greater than any other Arsenic adsorption media
  • Least impacted by competing ions like Silica, Phosphorus or Vanadium

Applied Process Equipment, Inc.