News | March 29, 2019

Atlas Copco Launches Latest High-Efficiency Oil-Injected Screw Compressor


Atlas Copco, a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, recently launched the latest air compressor range in the smart AIR solutions portfolio. The GA 110-160 VSD+ oil-injected screw compressor range features a new state-of-the-art compression element and was designed to provide triple benefits when it comes to efficiency, encompassing energy, service and uptime.

“While simple in design, the latest generation of GA compressors is advanced in engineering, thanks to the large number of in-house, newly designed and patented components,” said Octavian Radencovici, product marketing manager – Large Oil Injected Screw Compressors for Atlas Copco Compressors USA. “This is the biggest advancement in oil-injected compressors, in this category, within the last decade. It is the ultimate solution for efficiency, reliability and serviceability.”

The new models in the range are, on average, 12-percent more efficient than the previous industry-leading generation. Further design advancements include Smart Injection technology, ensuring that just the right amount of oil is working with the element, coupled with the highly efficient, ultra-premium, oil-cooled, IE5 permanent magnet motor. Optimum efficiency is achieved through a highly efficient drive train, low internal pressure drops and precise control. Another great enhancement of the new range is the pressure/flow bandwidth capability, which ensures maximum efficiency across a wide range of load demands without idling or losing efficiency or uptime.

When it comes to service, the new GA 110-160 VSD+ range is the first in its category that has true one-person, basic-service, capability without the need for any heavy lifting equipment. All components are designed for ease of service and technician safety with the most commonly serviceable parts grouped together for ease of access.

“According to OSHA, back strains are the most reported injury by service technicians, and eliminating work-site injuries is vital, especially when servicing compressors in oil refineries or petrochemical plants,” added Radencovici. “The most difficult task a technician has to perform on a regular interval is changing the air/oil separator element, which can weigh more than 100 pounds. This job typically requires the removal of a large and heavy 100-pound separator lid, which is mounted to the vessel with 26 half-inch bolts. Our new GA design replaces the heavy separator element with three smaller cartridge separators, each with smaller and lighter access lids.”

The new GA 110-160 VSD+ features a patented portal design, which enables full access to all components when more extensive maintenance is required. All four panels on the compressor can be easily removed to aid the process. These design features reduce the average service time by 50 percent compared to similar designs.

The service intervals for the new GA 110-160 VSD+ have increased from 4,000 hours to 8,000 hours. And, Atlas Copco provides customers with a tip-to-toe, five-year, Warranty Plus program on the complete machine.

Energy and service efficiency are nothing without uptime. The design and protection features of the new GA 110-160 VSD+ were designed for the most rugged, harsh environments, increasing the working life of the element. Its IP66 drive train offers complete protection from dust and moisture, ensuring reliable operation even in the toughest environmental conditions. With high efficiency and reliability in the toughest conditions, these compressors are well suited for the mining industry, metal processing and power plants.

Thanks to the new compact design, the industry leading footprint of the machines in this range are up to 30 percent smaller than the previous generation, and remarkably, the plug and play integrated dryer will only add 8 inches to the overall footprint thanks to the new vertical, modular design. In addition, the integrated dryer substantially reduces the installation and operating costs normally incurred with an external dryer.

The new Elektronikon Touch controller is a 100 percent touch screen model, working integrated smart algorithms to further reduce energy consumption. It is Atlas Copco’s most intuitive controller to date and easily connects to the new Optimizer 4.0 central controller. This enables a compressed air system to be optimized through selection of the most efficient combination of machines and auxiliary equipment.

The new GA 110-160 VSD+ can be connected and monitored onsite or remotely via Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK technology. SMARTLINK is Industry 4.0 compatible, enabling digital integration of the compressed air system with other intelligent networked devices to improve equipment performance, enhance predictive maintenance and further increase energy efficiency.

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