News | May 21, 2014

ASA Introduces Two New ChemScan Mini Analyzers At ACE14

ASA Analytics announces a price and performance breakthrough for monitoring and control of chloramination processes. Two new ChemScan mini analyzers, the ChemScan mini FreeAm (Free Ammonia) and the mini MonoChlor (Monochloramine), can be used individually or together to create a suite of Chloramination parameters for process, distribution and boost station control.

They are specifically designed for anyone needing to insure proper amounts of ammonia and chlorine in the Chloramination process. Unlike probes, they can detect key parameters at a few hundredths of a ppm and hold calibration and accuracy for long periods without operator attention.

ASA Analytics has been manufacturing Chloramination monitoring analyzers for over 10 years, including the UV-2150/S for the complete suite of chloramination parameters (free ammonia, total ammonia, mono-chloramine and total chlorine).

The new mini analyzers are part of the single parameter analyzer family from ASA Analytics that utilize ChemScan experience and proven technology to provide reliable and accurate analysis of water and waste water with minimal maintenance.

ChemScan mini analyzers require service only once each quarter and are perfect for distribution and boost point locations.

SOURCE: ASA Analytics