News | April 25, 2014

Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions Becomes The Newest Training Partner With Hydraulic Institute

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) announces that Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) is its first non-member to become an HI and Pump Systems Matter (PSM) Training Partner to further advance energy savings within the Arkansas manufacturing sector. AMS was founded in 1995 as a program of the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority. The training agreement with HI/PSM allows the company to further expand its resources in pump system assessment and optimization and help identify energy savings for different manufacturing facilities across Arkansas.

Andy Capel, Marketing Manager at AMS, states “We are pleased to form this training relationship with the Hydraulic Institute that is dedicated to developing engineering-driven educational programs that are designed to optimize energy savings, improve reliability and reduce downtime. This partnership aligns with our strategic plan for assisting our Arkansas manufacturers to increase sales and profits by cutting costs and improving manufacturing processes.

In the past, ASM worked with HI and PSM to offer Pump System Optimization courses throughout the state by utilizing PSM qualified instructors to conduct the training programs.

Mark Sullivan, Director of Education and Marketing, stated “Our mission is to educate various industries on different methods to conduct pump system optimization and assessments. This strategic partnership with Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions takes us to a new level within the state of Arkansas.

AMS is now exploring new educational programs on how to manage the pump system assessment process with HI and PSM, with tentative plans to bring this new program to the Arkansas marketplace by Fall 2014. These types of workshops are instrumental in helping AMS customers understand the value and importance of pump system audits, pump systems optimization projects and associated energy savings benefits, with 20% to 40% savings being possible based on industry practices. Those attending these workshops can expect to gain the information necessary to make changes to manufacturing operations, better understanding what is possible with pump systems audits and improvement projects, which will position companies to meet future growth demands, while contributing to improvements in profitability.

About Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions
Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions provides executive level leadership and management consultative services to Arkansas companies in the areas of Innovation, Growth Services (including Export), Operational Excellence (Lean, Toyota Kata, TWI) and Sustainability (Green & Energy). AMS has business consultants and offices in Fayetteville, Jonesboro, and Little Rock. Over the last twelve months AMS has helped manufacturers create and retain more than 3,335 jobs, increase and retain more than $592M in sales and save more than $12M in costs. For more information on AMS, visit the web site at:

About the Hydraulic Institute
The mission of the Hydraulic Institute is to be a value-adding resource to member companies, engineering consulting firms, and pump users worldwide by developing and delivering comprehensive industry standards, expanding knowledge by providing education and tools for the effective application, testing, installation, operation, maintenance, and performance optimization of pumps and pumping systems, and by serving as a forum for the exchange of industry information. For more information, visit

About Pump Systems Matter
Established by the Hydraulic Institute, and leading utilities and energy efficiency organizations, PSM provides educational resources on the benefits to pump systems optimization and energy efficiency to improve bottom-line savings of end-user companies. PSM offers a robust schedule of webinars on pumps and pumping systems, based on HI standards and industry guidelines, and offers Pump Optimization course hosting opportunities to pump and supplier OEMs, pump distributors, energy efficiency organizations, water/wastewater utilities, electric power utilities and associations. For more information, visit

SOURCE: The Hydraulic Institute (HI)