Arkal Super Galaxy Self-Cleaning Disc Filter


The Arkal Super Galaxy is a high-flow rate, self-cleaning, automatic disc filter. It is practical for water and wastewater treatment plants, central water systems for irrigation, large cooling tower power plants, ballast water, and saltwater, as it handles desalination. In addition, it controls algae and reduces hydraulic filtration degrees to less than 20 microns. Its vertical and horizontal installation options accommodate all space issues.

Keeping a water filtration system clean and operational is mission-critical for desalination, clean water, and wastewater treatment and reclamation facilities. Arkal Super Galaxy, which incorporates Amiad’s next generation of disc technology, is a high-flow rate disc filter (up to 15,000 gpm) based on Arkal’s Spin Klin self-cleaning automatic disc filtration solution. Ideal for saltwater applications, the Super Galaxy also handles tertiary wastewater treatment and membrane protection. Unlike its competitors with hydraulic filtration degrees of 130 microns or more, the Super Galaxy reduces hydraulic filtration degrees to less than 20 microns.  

Arkal Super Galaxy addresses and combats the increasingly prevalent issue of algae build-up and removal better than screen filters. In addition, it is highly suitable for corrosive water applications due to its polymeric construction. Its small footprint accommodates vertical or horizontal installation to alleviate space constraints, as it is modular by design. Because desalination plants are typically built along coastal areas where real estate is costly, it is very important to conduct the installation using the smallest amount of space possible.  

Benefits and Features:

  • Works with all types of water, including saltwater as a result of its polymeric design.
  • No tools necessary for maintenance, as accessories unique to the Super Galaxy, including a new polymeric clamp and a newly designed polymeric connector, simplify service-related issues.
  • Enables increased throughput as a result of higher flow rate capacity per pod — up to 15,000 gpm.
  • Accommodates a wide variety of space requirements due to its vertical AND horizontal disc filter installation options.
  • The self-cleaning functionality means less labor and therefore, lower operating costs.
  • Accumulates less differential pressure (DP), which lowers energy costs.  
  • Environmentally friendly, as there is no need to replace and dispose parts.
  • Simplifies installation due to reduced components and modular design.
  • Reduces hydraulic filtration degrees to less than 20 microns, thanks to its unique grooved disc technology.  

Success Stories:
Israel’s Mekorot Group’s Ashdod Desalination Plant, located in Israel, implemented the Arkal Super Galaxy for the protection of ultrafiltration (UF) membranes. As a result, Mekorot Group’s plant will produce 100 million cubic meters of water per year, accounting for approximately 15% of Israeli domestic water consumption.

Contact Information:
For additional technical information and product details, contact Eric Peterson, director of municipal/industrial sales at Amiad Filtration Systems at or
(704) 663-9576.

Additional Resources:

Arkal Super Galaxy Self-Cleaning Disc Filter Datasheet
Download this datasheet to learn how the Super Galaxy can save time and money for your organization. The datasheet contains a detailed description of how the disc filter works, along with technical specifications and dimensional drawings for different configurations.

Arkal Spin Klin Disc Filtration Video
Watch this brief, informative video to learn more about Spin Klin disc filtration and to determine whether the Spin Klin system is ideal for your facility.

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