News | August 2, 2017

Archis Ambulkar Contributes To Oxford Research Encyclopedia

Mr. Archis Ambulkar, a renowned water professional, has recently made a vital contribution towards the Oxford Research Encyclopedia for the topic “Nutrient Pollution and Wastewater Treatment Systems” published by Oxford University Press. Ranked amongst world’s topmost universities, Oxford's Research Encyclopedia offers a prestigious global reference database for professional communities and covers advanced topics. Nutrients pollution and eutrophication in the waterbodies is a worldwide problem and pressing topic of the present times. Publication in the Environmental Science Section of Encyclopedia contemplates on various key facets such as nutrients cycle in the environment, polluted waterways in the world, point and non-point pollution sources, pretreatment programs, wastewater systems, nutrients removal technologies, resource recovery systems, pollution reduction strategies, watershed management and waterways remediation processes. The article provides detailed insights into the subject and serves as a key contribution towards the water sector.

Author of the well-received book "Guidance for Professional Development in Drinking Water and Wastewater Industry" published by International Water Association (United Kingdom), Mr. Ambulkar has also participated with the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization’s Global Soil Partnership and United Nations World Oceans Assessment programs. He has served on several technical committees with organizations like Water Environment Federation, American Water Works Association and American Society for Testing and Materials International. He has also served with editorial boards of many scientific journals and technical magazines from USA, UK and Canada. He has contributed as author internationally for numerous publications including manuals of practices (MOPs), factsheets, industry standards, research papers, expert columns, case studies and technical magazine articles related to water, wastewater and waste management. Mr. Ambulkar has noteworthy contributions towards the environmental field and presently works with Jones & Henry Engineers Ltd., Ohio. He has obtained Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Bucknell University, Pennsylvania.