News | June 5, 2012

Aquip Downspout From StormwateRx Removes Zinc From Rooftop Runoff


Stormwater runoff from zinc-coated steel roofing and galvanized rooftop equipment can be a significant source of toxic zinc pollution in rivers, lakes and other waterways. The new Aquip® Downspout advanced stormwater filtration system attaches to roof downspouts with an easy, do-it-yourself configuration and removes up to 98% of zinc from stormwater runoff prior to release into the environment.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) - StormwateRx LLC, a provider of industrial stormwater treatment and filtration systems, today announced the availability of Aquip® Downspout, a new configuration of the Aquip® stormwater filtration system specifically for attachment to roof downspouts. Aquip Downspout removes particulate and dissolved zinc and other heavy metals that are often present from facilities with zinc-coated or galvanized metal roofing or HVAC equipment. Stormwater running off of facilities with galvanized metals is a major cause of zinc pollution and aquatic toxicity in local waterways. Installing Aquip Downspout on a building with galvanized roofing can permanently reduce zinc concentrations by 98%, helping industrial facilities meet federal and state NPDES stormwater benchmarks for zinc and other metals.

Aquip Downspout easily and instantly attaches to downspouts of 2- to 6-inches in diameter. The system uses a layered, advanced media configuration developed by StormwateRx specifically for filtration of particulates and adsorption of dissolved metals from rooftops. The system uses the same patented, hydraulic flow control process that other Aquip enhanced filtration systems use.

Each Aquip Downspout treats up to 10,000 square feet of roof area. The system requires no power, uses no chemicals, has no moving parts and offers easy do-it-yourself installation. It includes both external and internal high flow bypasses. Conventional zinc-coated steel roofs releasing between 0.3 and 2.0 mg/L of zinc in stormwater runoff can be reduced to well below the EPA benchmark of 0.12 mg/L zinc using Aquip Downspout.

Aquip is accepted by the Washington Department of Ecology as a stormwater treatment Best Management Practice (BMP) for Level 3 Corrective Action and is an approved (CULD) treatment technology for new development and redevelopment projects under the rigorous TAPE certification process. The system is also accepted as a treatment BMP for Oregon Tier 2 Corrective Action. Washington and Oregon have some of the strictest stormwater regulations in the U.S.

About StormwateRx
StormwateRx designs and manufactures stormwater treatment systems that help industrial sites across North America remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. Products include the Clara® stormwater separation system, Retenu® basic stormwater filtration system, Aquip® enhanced stormwater filtration system and Purus® advanced stormwater polishing system. The company has supplied more than 200 systems for stormwater filtration and stormwater pollution control in the industrial sector, and is expert with retrofit design advice. StormwateRx has also developed a series of Industry Remedies that include best practices and product configurations to address the unique environmental concerns of different industries. For more information on how StormwateRx can help industrial sites comply with even the toughest environmental stormwater regulations, please visit

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