News | August 17, 2017

Aquionics To Unveil Energy Efficient UV Disinfection System At WEFTEC 2017

Aquionics, a leading provider of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology is to unveil a new US EPA and NWRI-validated energy efficient UV system for municipal waste water and reuse water applications at WEFTEC 2017. The water quality exhibition in Chicago, will provide the first opportunity to see the new AmaLine R (reuse & wastewater) and AmaLine D (drinking water) low pressure, high output (LPHO) lamp UV system, which has been designed to reduce energy consumption, simplify servicing and minimize potential disruption to the process.

“BCC Research forecast Global recycled wastewater or re-use to grow from $12.2 billion in 2016 to nearly $23 billion in 2021, and the municipal market is focused on effective treatment to prevent contamination and reducing energy consumption of the treatment process,” explained Ken Kershner, Regional Director at Aquionics. “Supporting this requirement, Aquionics has used the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling to design a UV system that provides reduced energy use, efficient coverage and effective water treatment”.

The AmaLine range is application-optimised in terms of its design and operation. The AmaLine R has a U-shape chamber that optimises flow to cater for low UV light transmittance (UVT) water quality. The AmaLine D has a coaxial flow L-shaped chamber, which also optimises flow to deliver the most effective disinfection for drinking water applications.

The AmaLine range uses LPHO amalgam lamp technology, which reduces energy consumption, but offers greater UV intensity. Longer lamp life helps to extend the periods between servicing. Shorter physical lengths compared with conventional low pressure lamps helps to reduce the overall footprint of the system. The ability to leave LPHO lamps on, even when there is no flow, helps to minimize potential disruption to the process.

The AmaLine range is also much easier to service and maintain. In stark contrast with alternative solutions, the AmaLine system has been designed to enable a single operator to change lamps easily and safely without the need of external lifting equipment. Learn at WEFTEC how the unique lamp connector enables simple and fast lamp replacement, helping to minimize downtime and protect an operator from harm during servicing.

The AmaLine product range has been third-party validated in line with US EPA and NWRI guidelines and provides the effective disinfection of drinking, reuse and waste water.

“WEFTEC presents the ideal environment for Aquionics to launch our new energy efficient UV disinfection system for municipal water applications”, said Kershner. “Our experienced team of UV experts will be available throughout the event to explain not only how the AmaLine system can help meet the growing need for efficient and reliable water treatment, but also provide advice on selecting and implementing the appropriate validated UV system for their specific application”.

Visitors to the Aquionics booth 2820 will receive demonstrations of the complete range of Aquionics systems designed to support the treatment of wastewater, re-use water and drinking water. Aquionics provides UV disinfection systems for municipal, industrial, and aquatic water and wastewater applications and will have technical experts available throughout the event to answer questions about current legislation, the latest technology, system testing and validation.

WEFTEC is recognized as the world's largest annual water quality technical conference and exhibition, providing extensive educational opportunities and unparalleled access to the field’s most cutting-edge technologies and services, with the exhibition runs from October 2-4, 2017 in Chicago, USA.

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About Aquionics
Based in Charlotte, NC and with a national distribution network, Aquionics industrial specializes in UV technology for water disinfection, dechlorination and deozonation. Working with the biggest names in food, beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, pools and leisure, the company has gained valuable insights into its customers’ requirements and specialized applications. This enables Aquionics to offer not only the most technologically advanced UV systems, but a complete product portfolio for all markets. The company provides an unrivalled level of customer care under its UVCare service and works very closely with a network of distributors to ensure its customers receive a very professional experience. Aquionics is a Halma company.

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