AquaSorb® Activated Carbons For Water Treatment

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

Granular, powdered and extruded activated carbons for the primary treatment of water, recovery and recirculation of process liquors, and treatment of waste liquid streams. The AquaSorb® range of activated process water treatment carbon is manufactured from coal, coconut shell and wood raw materials through steam or chemical activation. Jacobi Carbons offers a supply of AquaSorb® in a range of granular, extruded (pelletised) and ground powder forms, which are specifically designed for use in the liquid phase adsorption systems. From use in large municipal treatment facilities, to small domestic use cartridges, AquaSorb® is synonymous with high efficiency, extended life and cost-effective solutions.

Soft drinks manufacturers and breweries rely upon AquaSorb® activated carbon for dechlorination and dissolved organics removal. The high efficiency of removal substances that impart unwanted taste and odour to incoming water is a feature of all Jacobi Carbons AquaSorb® products. The presence of toxic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons, and chloramine complexes can also be controlled by AquaSorb® grades.

The increasing population in the world puts significant stress on the ability to supply clean water, suitable for drinking. The removal of organic matter, agricultural and industrial chemicals and background taste and odour require the use of activated carbons. Municipal treatment systems utilise Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) in fixed filtration units and in other instances, Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is used to manage intermittant or emergency conditions, or to accentuate the performance of GAC. Innovations such as biological treatment and improved means of using PAC have been specifically developed by Jacobi Carbons for this application.