News | November 30, 2023

Aquarius Spectrum Introduces iQ100B, An Innovative Wireless Acoustic Sensor For Leak Survey And Detection In Municipal Water Supply Networks

Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius Spectrum, a leading provider of acoustic AI driven solutions for early detection of water leakages and NRW (non-revenue water) reduction in municipal distribution networks, announces the release of iQ100B, a new wireless acoustic sensor which enables listening to the pipe, performing leak survey and identifying leaks. It seamlessly connects to the AQS cloud via a user-friendly Android or iOS mobile application on your smartphone or tablet.

The iQ100B enables hearing the audio recording in real time using the registered audio speaker (the local speaker or a wireless headset). Collected samples can be uploaded, viewed, and analyzed in a designated module in AQS-SYS portal. The recorded audio is sent to the AQS cloud for in-depth analysis, which classifies the audio as Leak/No-Leak, reducing dramatically the effort of the back-office man-in-the-loop.

The accompanying app provides leak detection teams with complete information about the water infrastructure, including pipeline maps, accessories, and details of the entire utility water systems. It displays alerts, sensor data, and alert information on a single screen.

Due to its special capabilities and unique design, the iQ100B significantly improves the whole experience of performing periodic water leak surveys and makes it simpler and more accurate while there is no need to hold the mobile phone during operation. Basic analysis of the audio is presented in the mobile application. It also allows to execute surveys in locations that are without cellular coverage.

The iQ100B comes in a robust IP68 rigid plastic enclosure, meeting the safety, radio, and environmental standards (UL94, CE/FCC, IP68). The internal rechargeable battery has the capacity to last for 5 complete survey days between recharging (with an average survey of 8 hours/day). A RGB LED indicator visually indicates states of operation by color and sequence.

Following their initial experience with iQ100B, a number of water leak detection and NRW experts have shared the following: "The iQ100B not only enables us to identify and localize suspected points of interest, but it also helps us in training new technicians. We are now able to review the previous days' leak survey and able to playback and analyze all the recorded noises in the comfort of our office." (Kent XU, General manager for Evergloss Pte Ltd).

“Using the iQ100B the water network operator can deploy untrained and unskilled technicians to find points of interest, while accurately monitoring resource productivity. Leakage teams use the iQ100B to locate points of interest that can then be followed up.” (Jonathan Adler, Commercial Director for Aqualogic UK).

Koen Verweyen, CEO of Aquarius Spectrum, said: “Aquarius Spectrum has a strong commitment to innovation and digital transformation in reducing water loss, and is very excited to announce the most powerful tool which revolutionizes the way we hear, think, and execute leak detection surveys. As part of our mission to enable water utilities to locate every leak everywhere by using state-of-the-art technologies, we developed a full scale of fixed and mobile acoustic systems that constitute a comprehensive solution for the early detection of leaks in the most accurate and efficient manner that can be implemented in all types of pipes.”

In addition, the company has recently released its new multi-platform AQS-SYS App. which is available for download both for Android via Google Play and for iOS via Apple Stores. The new application provides support for both AQSense-Edge fixed installation sensors and iQ100B mobile leak detection solution; it includes alerts management for leaks investigation and provides feedback from the field and from iQ100B.

About Aquarius Spectrum
Aquarius Spectrum supports water utilities around the world to reduce their water loss through high-performance leak management solutions combined with superior tailor-made Human-as-a-Service offering. AQS technologies empower water utilities to detect and prevent leaks, enabling proactive continuous monitoring and efficient management of water networks, to reduce NRW and optimize resource allocation.

AQS's field-proven sensors stand out with their unparalleled ability to precisely identify hard-to-find leaks, including those as minimal as 20l/m, even in large diameter pipes of 1500mm and above. This feature strengthens the company’s unique value proposition as the provider of the market’s most sensitive leak detection technology that enables high-precision leak detection and provides the ability to cover larger network areas with fewer sensors.

The AQS-SYS platform is powered by advanced algorithms and big data analytics, offering in-depth network analysis. Furthermore, it is compatible with all pipe materials and sizes and offers continuous customer support. A unique feature is its capability to analyze audio data between Accelerometers (Over and Underground Acoustic Correlating Sensors) and Hydrophones, making it exceptionally useful for mixed material networks.

A part of Aliaxis
Aquarius Spectrum is a company of Aliaxis, a global leader in advanced fluid management solutions that enable access to water and energy. It operates in over 40 countries with more than 14,000 employees. For more information, visit

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