News | September 20, 2023

Aquarius Spectrum Announces New Partnership With Innovative Utility Solutions (IUS) To Advance Leak Detection Capabilities Across The US

Aquarius Spectrum, a leading provider of acoustic monitoring and leak detection solutions for water preservation and NRW reduction, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Innovative Utility Solutions (IUS). This strategic collaboration will allow IUS, which operates across 10 states, to serve as the main distributor for Aquarius Spectrum in AZ, NV, CO, NM, UT, WY, KS, MO, AR, and OK, facilitating enhanced access and support for water utility companies within these regions.

A Shared Vision for Enhanced Water Network Management
With both companies committed to pro-actively reducing water loss across the United States through digital technology solutions, this partnership is set to have a positive impact in helping utilities address their aging and leaking infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner. A mutual goal is empowering utilities to accurately account for every drop they produce and deliver, consequently improving services and cost-efficiency for consumers.

Dan Hardin, Owner and VP of sales for IUS, comments on the depth of expertise IUS brings: "Our team, boasting an average of over 20 years of experience, has consistently been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge water industry technology to utilities, aiming to enhance their operational prowess. Partnering with Aquarius Spectrum ensures we continue this mission, giving utilities a robust solution to address the pressing issue of Non-Revenue Water (NRW)."

Prioritizing Exceptional Customer Support
One notable advantage Aquarius Spectrum’s customers stand to gain from this alliance is both AQS and IUS's unwavering commitment to customer success and support.

Aquarius Spectrum's CEO, Koen Verweyen, emphasizes the company's unique approach, stating: "Our outstanding customer success team goes beyond simply providing technology. We offer an extraordinary level of customer support through our Human-as-a-Service approach. We understand that technology alone is not enough; it is the human element that makes the difference."

In line with this perspective, Hardin highlights IUS role as more than distributors: "Our vision extends beyond a mere transaction. We envision long-term partnerships with our utility clients, emphasizing continuous support and the constant integration of the latest in technological advancements."

With its state-of-the-art AI-enabled leak detection technology, Aquarius Spectrum is set to redefine water network management. What truly sets this partnership apart is the pairing of this advanced technology with the invaluable presence of local support and continuous training. Customers will not only benefit from the latest advancements in leak detection but also take comfort in knowing there's a dedicated regional team ready to assist, ensuring optimal performance throughout the system's life.

Moreover, customers will now have access to pilot systems provided with IUS support. They will now be able to experience first-hand the benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) of Aquarius Spectrum’s leak detection solution, making a compelling business case for integrating acoustic leak detection into their standard operating procedures.

Together for Water
The enthusiasm for this partnership is clear in both companies. "The entire team at IUS is excited to have Aquarius Spectrum as one of our top product lines and partners. AQS leak detection technology integrates seamlessly into our portfolio, reaffirming our promise to offer customers the most advanced, deployable, and beneficial technology in the market,” said Harding.

Brian Harwood, Aquarius Spectrum VP of Marketing and Sales for North America, commented: “We are excited to have IUS represent AQS and look forward to a long and successful partnership. We are confident that utilities will appreciate the value and experience IUS has and will benefit tremendously from the AQS advanced leak detection capabilities reducing NRW.”

About Aquarius Spectrum
Aquarius Spectrum mission is to massively reduce water losses through high performance water loss management solutions combined with superior tailor-made Human-as-a-Service offering. Unlike other solutions, Aquarius Spectrum provides several key differentiators and competitive advantages. These include state-of-the-art sensors for high-precision leak detection and the ability to cover larger network areas with fewer sensors. The AQS platform is powered by advanced algorithms and big data analytics, offering in-depth network analysis. Furthermore, it is compatible with all pipe materials and sizes and offers continuous customer support. A unique feature is its capability to analyze audio data between Accelerometers (Over and Underground Acoustic Correlating Sensors) and Hydrophones, making it exceptionally useful for mixed material networks. AQS technologies empower water utilities to detect and prevent leaks, enabling proactive continuous monitoring and efficient management of water networks.

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About Innovative Utility Solutions (IUS)
Founded in 2019, Innovative Utility Solutions (IUS) stands as a dedicated distributor in the utility industry, specializing in flow metering and AMR/AMI technologies. IUS consistently tailors’ solutions to fit each client's distinct needs. The professional team behind IUS has over two decades of direct experience, working with utilities and municipalities. With this experience, they provide the best meter and AMI solutions to meet the needs of their clients. IUS also has a wide network of vendors, which helps them offer high-quality products and services.

IUS serves the Western United States, offering a broad selection of products and services, highlighting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Source: Aquarius Spectrum