News | September 1, 2023

Applied Process Equipment Introduces PFAS Removal Pilot Program Using NEW ATOMUS® PF8 Media

Applied Process Equipment LLC, is pleased to announce its new PFAS Pilot Filtration System Program to aid in the sizing and selection of ACS Filtration Systems.

ACS Pilot Systems are available on a rental-basis for testing and contaminant removal validation. Through our quick-ship program, a skid can be rapidly deployed to validate the treatment process, and the data used by our Engineering team to develop a viable long-term solution. Pilot rental rebates are available for qualifying locations.

ACS Systems are ideal for small to medium size water system installations and are installed in water utilities; RV parks; hotels; casinos & resorts; military bases; aquaculture, food processing, and manufacturing plants; multi-user wells of all sizes. Extremely user friendly with no hazardous waste streams, or bulk media replacement, ATOMUS®PF8 PFAS Removal Cartridges can remove PFAS to Non-Detect Levels.

With no backwash requirement, low pressure drop, and a tiny footprint ACS® Systems featuring ATOMUS®PF8 Cartridges, will provide filtration to non-detect and below the proposed EPA limits of 3ppt for EIGHT PFAS Chemicals, for service flow rates up to 5gpm (18.9 lpm) per cartridge. For PFAS concentrations at 2600ppt, the filter will provide non-detect levels of PFAS removal for up to 150,000+ gallons of water. In more common water test results of 100ppt, the expected life of a single cartridge is 350,000+ gallons of treated water.

ATOMUS®PF8 provides molecular selectivity to both long and short chain PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl) substances, whose adsorption is not affected by the co-presence of inorganic ions or other water characteristics like pH and TOC, with greater than 25x adsorption capacity as compared to GAC and IX resins that can be affected by biofouling. Once full, the media can be regenerated up to 10 times, and the desorbed PFAS can be completely destroyed. Exhausted ATOMUS®PF8 media is PFAS-free and can be safely disposed by incineration or landfill without creating secondary PFAS contamination. Like all adsorbents suspended solids, iron and manganese should be removed in a pre-filtration step before water contact with X78.

ATOMUS®PF8 has superior characteristics...rapid kinetics, high treatment capacity, resistance to fouling, easy regeneration, an extended duty-cycle, and has been proven to remove to non-detect levels PFAS contaminants in water characteristics in concentrations totals of 3000ppt of PFAS, including PFHpA, PFOA, PFNA, PFDA, PFBS, PFHxS, PFOS and GenX:

This is THE Filtration Solution™ technology of the future and is available now through the ACS product line.

Applied Process Equipment, Inc.