News | February 4, 2022

Applied Cartridge Systems Expands Water Treatment Cartridge Options

Applied Cartridge Systems, a commercial water treatment product line from Applied Process Equipment, Inc., has expanded their cartridge options with the ATOMUS® family of filtration solutions. ATOMUS® sealed filtration cartridges are designed specifically for use in Applied Cartridge Systems to be exceptionally easy-to-handle for simple, one-man loading and replacement.

The new ATOMUS®F11 cartridge augments the existing ISOLUX® Arsenic removal cartridge providing a choice of Arsenic removal medias. Each media offers different attributes to match customer applications most closely. In powder form like the ISOLUX® media, ATOMUS®F11 also allows the unique No Backwashing feature of Applied Cartridge Systems.

“Just like ISOLUX®, ATOMUS®F11 removes AsIII and AsV simultaneously, and is NSF 61 certified and safe for landfill disposal”, explained Elizabeth Hodges, Applied Cartridge Systems Engineering Project Manager. “The differences emerge in the ability to address Arsenic concentration limits, pH range and water complexity,” she continued.

Both medias deliver an excellent removal performance from between non-detect to 3 ppb. ATOMUS®F11 offers the widest pH range window of any adsorption media at 5.5 to 10.5, and is least impacted by Silica, Phosphorus and Vanadium for reduced pre-treatment requirements and costs. However, whereas ATOMUS®F11 media performs exceptionally well with Arsenic concentration limits to 125 ppb, ISOLUX® has been proven to handle Arsenic concentrations up to 1,000 ppb.

As a key component of the Applied Cartridge Systems water treatment packages, ATOMUS® F11 cartridges are
NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified.

“We are pleased to introduce a second Arsenic treatment cartridge”, said Applied Cartridge Systems President Richard Sinclair. “We look forward to expanding our ATOMUS® family of cartridges even further in 2022 with water treatment options for Phosphorus, Fluoride and PFOS/PFAS.”

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