Applications For Indirect And Direct Potable Reuse

Applications For Indirect And Direct Potable Reuse

Toray Membrane U.S. is part of Toray Industries, a Japanese firm that services the municipal and industrial markets in both drinking water and wastewater reuse. Founded in 1926, they have been working on membrane technologies since the late ’60s. Toray is one of the largest suppliers of desalination membranes in the entire world, mainly through the Middle East and North Africa.

Peter Waldron, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Toray Membrane U.S., sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the applications of indirect and direct potable reuse.

Waldron said, “The drought situation has been ongoing for four years now in California. Texas just came out of one, but public perception’s changed quite rapidly. Ten years ago, you talked about public potable reuse. The public did not want it. But they’ve come to accept it now.

Direct potable reuse has been in use in Texas, and you’re seeing many countries around the world, such as Singapore, getting involved in this. It’s a combination of multiple technologies, using ultra-filtration and micro membrane bioreactors, followed by reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation.”

With the limited water supplies, alternate supplies are in big demand. Conservation has become key – as much as people can. They’re looking at desalination or reuse, and the public now sees that reuse is much more affordable than desalination, and the technology is there to make it better than the incoming water.

Click the radio player below to hear the full interview and learn more about Toray Membrane’s applications for indirect and direct potable reuse.

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