News | October 12, 2017

Antero Resources Entrusts Veolia With The Treatment Of Its Complex Waste From Its Pennsboro Site In The United States

The oil and gas operator, Antero Resources, selected Veolia to collect and treat sludge from water recycling processes at its Clearwater site, near to Pennsboro in West Virginia. This decision was confirmed by Veolia's expertise in treating waste with a low level of radioactivity.

In 2015, Antero Resources had entrusted Veolia with the design, construction and operation of a water recycling and treatment plant at Pennsboro. The plant is currently being commissioned and will be able to treat and recycle 60,000 barrels of water per day.

Today, Antero Resources has entrusted Veolia with a new mission: treating the sludge generated in water treatment and recycling. This sludge contains TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials), waste with low levels of natural radioactivity, generated by industrial production processes, particularly in the Oil and Gas sector. The Group will use the teams of its Nuclear Solutions entity, expert in eliminating the most complex pollution, to treat this waste.

"Veolia’s expertise in providing a comprehensive solution for TENORM waste segregation and management has been great value to Antero in achieving its long term sustainability goals", said Al Schopp, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Antero Resources.

"Veolia’s broad and comprehensive expertise allows us to provide this vital service for Antero and we’re pleased they have selected us to handle this important work,” said Veolia North America president and CEO, William J. “Bill” DiCroce.

Source: Veolia