News | July 31, 2014

AMTA Announces Unrestricted Access To A Unique ‘Chats With The Pioneers' Interview

In 2010, the American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) undertook the monumental task of conducting personal interviews with 106 industry professionals who were identified as critical players in the initial research, development, and promotion of membrane technology. This defining project was named “Chats with the Pioneers” and was completed in 2014. The result was an exclusive library of 36 individual and group interviews organized and conducted by then Executive Director Ian Watson and AMTA Board Member Doug Eisberg.

The “Chats” gave these notable men and women a venue to share their personal stories and answer questions on the challenges they faced in the design and development of membranes, pressure vessels, systems, and critical components as a burgeoning industry took shape in the early 1960’s. Others offer candid accounts on the difficulties of trying to promote this innovative water treatment technology to a cautious and sometimes skeptical new market.

While the entire “Chats with the Pioneers” series is available to AMTA members via the organizations website at, AMTA has now placed a home page link to one key interview that can be accessed by all site visitors.

It is AMTA’s hope that after enjoying the unrestricted interview of Ian Watson by Randy Truby, viewers will join AMTA for full access to all of the remaining “Chats” interviews. Every new membership also supports AMTA’s on-going effort to promote, advocate and advance the understanding and application of membrane technology to the benefit of the industry.

SOURCE: The American Membrane Technology Association