News | May 7, 2019

AMS Delivers Real-Time Water Quality Data And Remediation Solutions To California Utilities

A study released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that a mix of pollutants in California drinking water could cause an estimated 15,500 additional cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime.

While concerns about water quality and safety continue to grow, it is important to note that a number of California utilities are already implementing real-time, online monitoring to determine the presence of water-borne contaminants of concern and ensure drinking water safety at all times.

Aqua Metrology Systems, a Silicon Valley startup, is helping these utilities to not only identify THM and trace metal contaminant threats, but also to diagnose critical treatment system performance once a solution has been put in place.

AMS CEO Rick Bacon noted, “The EWG reports highlights California’s water quality challenges, but it does not address the problem that the data on which the report is based is months out of date. So consumers have no idea what they are drinking. Would you accept that for milk? It is now entirely possible for water companies to deliver real-time water quality data to their consumers and alert them when the water is not safe.”

AMS is already live streaming online water quality data to which consumers have access, providing transparency and ensuring optimal performance via TTHM Alert.

With the help of AMS’ online trihalomethane (THM) and trace metal analyzers — THM-100 and MetalGuard — utilities are now able to use this same data to consistently deliver water below regulatory levels because they can accurately and reliably measure, assess and validate their process schemes in real-time, 24/7/365, not just when regulatory samples are taken.

For example, AMS’ online THM-100 predictive THM analyzer provides data that is vital for better THM treatment system design, operation, and process control in order to meet disinfection by-product regulatory requirements. With the ability to sample and report on up to six samples per day, the analyzer allows systems to better understand the rapid changes in their water quality and the resulting effect on THM levels in order to optimize their treatment processes.

AMS’ SafeGuard analyzer is essential in ensuring regulatory compliance with trace metal standards, providing automated, unattended measurement of trace metal contaminants such as arsenic, chromium-6, selenium and more with results in as little as 30 minutes.

Online analyzers are enabling utilities to gain real-time control of the performance of treatment systems, acting as a “canary in the mine” by providing alerts when these systems fail in order to avert human and environmental health risks. These high-density immediate results allow for the thorough and rapid evaluation of treatment technologies and remediation processes.

Going beyond monitoring, AMS’ SafeGuard H2O intelligent water treatment system, offers utilities an affordable and effective remediation system that addresses a range of trace metal contaminants, including hexavalent chromium, lead, ionic mercury, and selenium. And unlike traditional treatment systems, the SafeGuard H2O technology features an online analyzer to control and monitor system performance, in real time, by providing a high frequency of actual data on influent and effluent contaminant levels. The technology has been successfully demonstrated in California to remove hexavalent chromium contamination and it is currently going through the approval process with Californian state regulators.

For small and midsize communities, finding affordable and improved water treatment solutions is often difficult. However, with the help of AMS and its real-time analytical and remediation solutions, these systems can now optimize their treatment processes, stay compliant and deliver safe drinking water for all.

About AMS
Aqua Metrology Systems Ltd. (AMS) believes real-time water quality analysis and remediation are essential to environmental protection. AMS is a leader in the control of water treatment systems across municipal and industrial sectors in which disinfection byproducts (i.e., THMs) and trace metals are contaminants of concern. AMS’ online analytical instrumentation provides the high-frequency, predictive, accurate and reliable water quality data that are essential to ensuring treatment systems operate efficiently while meeting regulatory and performance standards. AMS is the pioneer of the intelligent water treatment system with its SafeGuard H2O, an innovative solution for removing trace metals that integrates real-time sensing.

Source: Aqua Metrology Systems Ltd. (AMS)