Ammonium/Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes

Pressure Measurement

In addition to reducing carbon, modern wastewater treatment plants also reduce nitrogen and phosphate. For this purpose, the online measurement of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate parameters is required. Nitrite and total phosphate are also occasionally measured.

Online analysis helps in meeting the more stringent discharge values and in reducing operating costs, for example wastewater discharge costs.

Typical applications are control and regulation strategies for:


  • Measurement in sludge activation for process optimization: ensuring nitrification with minimum oxygen consumption



  • Measurement in sludge activation for process optimization: ensuring sufficient denitrification, control of optimum recirculation



  • Measurement in sludge activation for process optimization: optimum dosing of precipitant


For monitoring and documentation tasks for all the nutrient parameters mentioned above, the following applies:

  • Measurement in outlet: ensuring limit values are not violated, and documentation of limit values


In times where budgets are tight, process efficiency is under close scrutiny – online analysis helps to increase this efficiency and thus cut costs.



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