ally® Water Meters

Sensus ally

The Sensus ally® water meter is groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard in water distribution system management. This residential smart water meter features an integrated, three-state remote service valve for remote shut off, turn on and reduced flow. ally also has pressure and temperature sensors and alarms available.

The innovative electromagnetic flow measurement technology of the ally meter allows enhanced accuracy ranges at both low and high flows and perpetual accuracy over the life of the product. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The ally meter has a 20-year life cycle, along with a 15-year accuracy warranty.

Benefits to you

  • Control three stages of water flow remotely (on, off, reduced)
  • Get smart alarms including empty pipe, high flow, reverse flow, low and high pressure and temperature, leak and tamper
  • Detect leaks to save money and conserve water
  • Monitor pressure at service connection
  • Monitor freeze conditions
  • Improve operational efficiency (fewer truck rolls)
  • Improve customer service