News | November 15, 2017

Akuo Energy And Mascara Renewable Water Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

Mascara Renewable Water, a company specialising in water treatment using renewable energy, and Akuo Energy, leading French IPP in renewable energy, have signed a partnership agreement to develop projects combining green energy production and water production via solar desalination.

This cooperation covers a number of geographical regions around the world: Southeast Asia, the Middle East and part of the Indian Ocean. This approach is in line with the two partners’ objective of providing a clean and sustainable solution to the vital needs of inhabitants in terms of energy, water and agricultural capacity.

For Mascara Renewable Water’s founders, water and renewable energy have always gone hand in hand to meet the vital needs of isolated communities with no access to suitable sustainable tools.

AKUO Energy’s buoyant international momentum and its constant search for new technologies to develop and adapt land use appealed to Mascara Renewable Water, which is seeking portage for its international development.

Akuo Energy appreciated the capacity of Mascara Renewable Water’s exemplary solutions to generate environmental and societal benefits for local populations and for citizens in general, like its own current solutions. This partnership opportunity was thus immediately seized upon by Akuo Energy, which decided to add Mascara Renewable Water’s expertise in solar desalination to its renewable energy projects. This partnership provides a tangible solution to the ‘water-energy’ challenge highlighted for several years by the International Energy Agency.

Marc Vergnet, co-founder and CEO of Mascara Renewable Water, says: “It took just a few hours of meetings, conversations, convictions and sharing for start-up Mascara Renewable Water to become convinced of the utility of forming a partnership with AKUO, which has a substantial commercial and operational presence on most of Mascara Renewable Water’s target markets and which entirely shares Mascara Renewable Water’s values and ethics: to meet the vital water and energy requirements of everyone, everywhere, via innovative and appropriate solutions.”

Eric Scotto, Chairman and Co-founder of Akuo Energy, adds: “Mascara Renewable Water’s OSMOSUN process wonderfully complements the range of solutions that the Akuo Energy group provides to inhabitants of regions in which we are established. We thus ensure that inhabitants have access to clean energy and, henceforth – thanks to renewable energies and to this agreement with Mascara Renewable Water – we will be able to provide them with drinking water in a decentralised manner close to where this water is to be consumed.”

About Mascara Renewable Water:
affordable drinking water for everyone Mascara Renewable Water has developed the world’s first reverse osmosis desalination technology coupled with photovoltaic solar energy, without a battery, to provide everyone everywhere with drinking water at a competitive price without any CO2 emissions. Its OSMOSUN technology’s unparalleled performances were validated by MASDAR in Abu Dhabi in 2016. SUEZ, within the framework of a partnership agreement, has also been operating an OSMOSUN unit in French Polynesia since early 2017.

About Akuo Energy:
Entrepreneur by Nature Akuo Energy is the leading French independent renewable energy power producer. Akuo Energy is present across the whole value chain, including project development, financing, construction, and operation. As of end-2016, Akuo Energy had invested 2 billion USD for a total capacity of 960 MW in operation and under construction. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France while it has subsidiaries in 12 other countries: Uruguay, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, UAE, Montenegro, Australia, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Dominican Republic and the United States. Akuo Energy aims to have a global production capacity of 3,500 MW in 2022. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Akuo Energy