News Feature | January 13, 2014

Air Force Seeks Outside Wastewater Help

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome


Beale Air Force Base is looking for help with its wastewater issues.

The base, which currently treats wastewater on site, is looking for a new way to approach the issue.

In a notice on the FedBizOpps site, the base said it wants to "obtain information in regards to potential conveyance and treatment of wastewater from Beale Air Force Base to an off-base wastewater treatment facility. "

The Air Force is hoping to get rid of its current wastewater treatment plant. 

"The objective of this effort would be the divestment of Air Force ownership and responsibility for wastewater treatment, through demolition of the existing Beale treatment plant and conveyance of Base wastewater from the point of demarcation to be determined to an off-base utility service provider's facility for an indefinite and ongoing period," the notice said. 

The base's wastewater treatment infrastructure dates back to the '40s, the Appeal Democrat pointed out. The notice said it "requires significant upgrade or replacement." The plant currently treats 0.36 million gallons per day, the report said. 

The base has already studied wastewater treatment alternatives. The study recommended "that the Air Force give consideration to several viable options of treating Beale's wastewater at an off-base facility with the required construction of a pipeline and pump stations to convey the wastewater to the new location," according to the Appeal Democrat

The Democrat summarized how to get involved: "So if you're interested in taking over wastewater treatment at Beale, you have until Jan. 13 to respond to the base's 'request for information.'"

But the article also tamped down expectations: "No, the federal government is not committing to anything." 

"This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes — it does not constitute a Request for Proposal or a promise to issue an RFP in the future. This request for information does not commit the government to contract for any supply or service whatsoever," the base announcement said.

In other words, the news report said, "nothing may happen." 

The Air Force provided this YouTube video of the current plant last year.

"Amid the hill landscape that encompasses Beale Air Force Base is a wastewater treatment oasis that ensures the base operates smoothly and provides a clean environment for all of Beale's residents, from Airmen to Otters," the video said. 

For more wastewater coverage, visit Water Online. 

Image credit: “Briefing ongoing construction of Child Development Center at Beale AFB," © 2011 USACE HQ, used under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license:

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