News | August 19, 2014

Ahead Of Commissioning The BVI Minister Of Communications And Works Tours Paraquita Bay Desalination Plant

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Observing the progress of works at Biwater’s Desalination Plant in Paraquita Bay in the British Virgin Islands, Hon. Mark Vanterpool, BVI Minister of Communications and Works, toured the facility with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Anthony McMaster.

Leading the tour, Richard Smith, Director for the Americas, Biwater International Limited, said, “It was a pleasure to lead a tour of the desalination plant for Hon. Mark Vanterpool and his staff as we near commissioning; we discussed key elements of the works and were able to demonstrate the excellent progress that has been made to date. The visit also gave the Minister the opportunity to meet with some of the local contractors involved with the project.”

Once commissioned, the seawater desalination facility will generate 10,400 m3/day of treated water serving residents, tourists, cruise ships and industries on the island of Tortola, the largest and most populated island of the British Virgin Islands.

Last year, Biwater (BVI) Ltd. successfully completed a USD 43 million project financing with Barclays Bank for this project, which benefited from a 100 percent guarantee from ECGD, UK Export Credit Agency.

Alongside ensuring an adequate and reliable supply of drinking water year-round, Biwater is also constructing wastewater facilities on the island as part of the ‘British Virgin Islands Water and Sewage Improvement Scheme’.

The scheme was recognised by Global Water Intelligence in the 2014 Global Water Awards, saying it demonstrated ‘inspired financing for an inspired contract’ under the Desalination Deal of the Year category.

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