Aeration- DiF-JET Aerators

Source: Fortrans, Inc.

Aeration is the heart of most industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and we have a new, cutting-edge solution.

Products available in US and Canada only

New and Innovative Aerators: DiF-JET™ Aeration Systems

Aeration is the heart of most industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and we have a new, cutting-edge solution.

Fortrans, Inc.® is pleased to announce the DiF-JET Aeration and Aeration System, which adds oxygen or air to wastewater to ensure the water-treatment process operates efficiently and effectively. The systems are non-fouling and more efficient than conventional diffusion and/or aeration processes.

Why You Should Choose Advanced DiF-Jet Technology for Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment:

DiF-JET Aeration Systems enhance production efficiencies in biological manufacturing processes by adding air or oxygen to speed up such processes without in-tank diffusers. 

DiF-JET technology may also be used for feeding ozone for sterilization of water or nitrogen gas to strip oxygen from water in oil drilling operations. The technology is also efficient at deep well oxygenation.

Excellent technology for gold mining wastewater treatment and gold recovery operations.

If you have solids or minerals in your water, Dif-Jet Aeration devices will work efficiently without fouling.

  • Offer less capital-intensive solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.
  • Offer direct gas infusion into a flowing stream of water without fouling or clogging. In addition, the low cost technology may be incorporated into floating or fixed basin aeration systems.
  • May be installed upstream or downstream on piped flowing water without fouling the device or may be installed on floatation. Low cost floating systems are easily configured to add oxygen to any depth or water column. The systems are easy to reconfigure at a later date for changing aeration locations or different water columns.
  •  Are portable and can be equipped with a Dissolved Oxygen Controller (PLC) and DO probe or controlled with regulator pressure or timers or a combination of both pressure and time.
  • May be installed on a manifold for very large aeration requirements or for pumping aerated water to directed locations within a treatment plant or for multiple outlets within an oxidation ditch or final aeration basins before release of treated water.
  • Are ideal for operators of industrial wastewater plants who are paying surcharges to municipal wastewater treatment plants for high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) or Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). DiF-JET aerators or aerator systems are easily installed on existing facilities in order to eliminate these costly surcharges. High-Purity Oxygen is recommended for these applications.

Benefits of High-Purity Oxygen Aeration

The DiF-JET may be used with air or pure oxygen. High-Purity oxygen aeration offers lower initial cost and many verifiable benefits:

  1. Easily increase organic plant loading and treatment capacity in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way. DiF-JET diffusion injection offers very high oxygen transfer efficiency –- no expensive upgrades to blower systems or air compressors required with corresponding increases in power consumption as well. Help eliminate BOD and COD surcharges and EPA fines.
  2. Air contains 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. The nitrogen competes with the oxygen for solubility requiring higher capacity blowers. The nitrogen strips out volatile compounds which cause odor problems for many facilities.
  3. Increased bacterial respiration with high-purity oxygen carries over to other areas and may increase overall operational efficiencies.