Aeration System

Source: ClearBlu Environmental

ClearBlu Environmental focuses on complete aerobic digestion of organic waste. This process is desirable over anaerobic digestion because it is fast, odor free, and prevents the need for any solids removal procedures. Aerobic digestion is desirable over DAF systems because it eliminates the need for costly chemical use and disposal. ClearBlu uses a unique aeration technology known as microbubble aeration, to achieve an aquatic environment which supports a bacteria population capable of complete digestion.  This is the key difference over conventional technologies.

The Microbubble Difference in Wastewater Treatment

  • Higher and faster removal rate of BOD and TSS
  • Up to 70% reduction in electrical consumption
  • Elimination of odors
  • Improvement of water quality
  • Rapid microbial growth and reproduction
  • Elimination of pathogens
  • Control of algae growth

The Ultra Fine Bubble Advantage

What sets this aerator apart is in the size of the bubbles. Through years of research and field tests, we have taken micro bubble technology to a new level. The Ultra Fine Bubble unit produces a bubble size of 0.02 mm or less in a negative pressure environment. That’s over 1 billion micro bubbles per cubic foot which translates to over 1,000 square feet of surface area of oxygen molecules. As compared to conventional aeration technology, UFB produces an exponentially greater oxygen source which is denser and longer lasting in water. This allows the volume of healthy bacteria to increase, resulting in a more effective elimination of waste products and bad odors.

UFB introduces micro bubbles into the water without causing excessive agitation to the water through the use of low pressure air. This is important because high turbulence is counterproductive to aerobic digestion. It has been shown that aerobic bacteria fixed to a submerged surface within a low turbulence, oxygen rich environment are up to 10 times more efficient at digesting organic matter.