Brochure | July 21, 2017

AdvanTex® AX20 Brochure

Source: Orenco Systems, Inc.

In the patented AdvanTex Treatment System, household sewage flows into the processing tank, where it separates into scum, sludge, and liquid effluent. Filtered effluent is dosed to the AdvanTex filter pod, where it trickles through sheets of a synthetic textile. There, naturally occurring microorganisms remove impurities from the effluent. After recirculating between the tank and the AdvanTex filter, the effluent is discharged to the soil via irrigation or a drainfield.

The system’s pump runs only a few minutes an hour, using just a few cents worth of electric­ity a day. Because solids decompose in the tank, the tank requires pumping only every 8–12 years, under normal use. Using little energy, generating a minimum of sludge, and purifying wastewater for beneficial reuse, AdvanTex Systems are one of the most environmentally sustainable technologies for home wastewater treatment.

More than 30,000 of Orenco’s textile filters have been installed at homes, businesses, and community treatment systems throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australasia. Third-party testing shows that AdvanTex Treatment Systems do a better job of treating wastewater than most municipal sewers. And field testing shows that AdvanTex Treatment Systems work under real-world conditions.