Company Profile | March 9, 2001

Advantage Controls, Inc.

Advantage Controls, Inc.
The company was formed in August 1994 by Chris Morris, backed by his father, Dick Morris.

They utilized engineers with previous experience to design a line of controllers for the market once served by Morr Control Inc., which was sold to Pulsafeeder in 1989.

Dan Morris, Dick's brother, assumed controlling interest in the company in March 1995.

The original plant of 5,000 square feet has been expanded twice since 1995.

Advantage Controls' initial product line has been expanded into a full range of control equipment

We are Advantage Controls, Inc., manufacturers and suppliers of quality automatic controls, pumps, instruments and accessories for industrial water treatment applications.

  • Advantage offers the widest combination of controllers around - order only the features you need, not some manufacturer's "pre-packaged" system.
  • Advantage provides the longest, most complete warranty policy in the industry - two full years from the date of installation, not the date of purchase.
  • Advantage has the most responsive technical support / customer service department around - we're there when you need us, not when "the next available representative" gets to your call.
  • Advantage is the low-cost leader in the water treatment equipment industry - the competition doesn't even come close!