News | February 6, 2008

AdEdge Technologies Awarded Three Round 2a Arsenic Treatment Demonstration Projects For Small Drinking Water Systems By The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Buford, GA — AdEdge Technologies, Inc, a supplier of specialty adsorbent filtration products and systems for arsenic removal from water and wastewater applications, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced that AdEdge has been awarded three full-scale demonstration sites for its round 2a arsenic removal technology demonstrations for municipal drinking water systems. The locations are Clinton Christian School, Goshen, IN, Conneaut Lake Park, Conneaut Lake, PA, and Geneseo Hills Community, Geneseo, IL.

The EPA arsenic treatment demonstration program is an aggressive program to further qualify commercially-ready arsenic removal technologies that result in significant cost savings over previous technologies. EPA’s research into implementing the new Arsenic Rule is an integrated, multidisciplinary program. It focuses on the development and evaluation of innovative methods and cost-effective technologies for improving the assessment and control of arsenic contamination. The EPA’s Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration Program conducts arsenic removal demonstrations at selected public water facilities across the United States. The program was divided into two rounds of demonstrations: 12 locations were funded for Round 1, and 27 locations were funded for Round 2. Now, Round 2a is under way at 9 locations according to the EPA.

AdEdge Technologies has been selected in all three rounds of the EPA demonstration projects with 12 completed or active projects to date. AdEdge projects feature systems that use Bayoxide® E33 media for arsenic removal or AdEdge AD26 media for co-occurrence of arsenic, iron and manganese. “AdEdge is the only company to participate on all three phases of the EPA Arsenic Demonstration program.” said Rich Cavagnaro, President, AdEdge Technologies. “This is an acknowledgement to the water treatment market that AdEdge provides not only the strongest technology platform for arsenic and multiple contaminant removal but also the best customer service for working with sites to design an effective treatment solution.”

SOURCE: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.


AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.