Brochure | December 17, 2013

Activated Carbons For Industrial, Military And Nuclear Protection

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

Safeguarding health and protecting people from hazards caused by airborne chemical contaminants is a significant consideration in modern society. Prevention and control of disease and workplace related illnesses are a challenge for any responsible company or organization.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to comply with a growing number of stringent respiratory protection regulations from government authorities enforced by testing standards like NIOSH and CEN, and complex workplace regulation required by HSE or OSHA to mitigate exposure of workers to Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s). These standards outline the necessary requirements for maintaining a safe workplace, as well as protecting the environment. As an industry partner, Jacobi Carbons accepts these challenges and finds suitable production methods to help our customers comply with increasing demands.

Jacobi has extensive knowledge of regulation standards in the Personal Protection sector and deep insight into the complex markets in which our customers operate. No matter the sector – industrial, military or nuclear – we are equipped with the activated carbons to support our customer’s needs. Our highly specialized products are often tailor-made for unique applications and designed to meet the most challenging conditions. In fact Jacobi has developed and maintains a portfolio of over 100 impregnated carbon products used in personal protection. A number of these are chromium-free and able to combat non-standard gases such as formaldehyde, while offering optimal cost benefit performance. Our R&D lab strives to find a solution for any particular application. Jacobi’s consistent quality and availability is vital, and our focus on our customer’s success is second to none.