Case Study

A Pilot Study Involving Three Different Treatment Media (Loprest)

Source: WRT - Water Remediation Technology
Groundwater Treatment Pilot Test Program Proves Successful In California

As part of a feasibility study for arsenic treatment at an elementary school in California, a pilot study was conducted to test the performance of three different treatment media: (1) greensand and anthracite, (2) standard sand and anthracite, and (3) manganese dioxide.

The purpose of the pilot study was to evaluate each media based on performance and cost in order to determine the type of treatment system that would best fit the needs of the school. The pilot study was conducted in five runs for each media.

During each run, samples were collected to field test for influent and effluent concentrations of iron, manganese, and arsenic. Additional samples during each run were taken and sent to a certified lab.

WRT - Water Remediation Technology