Mainsail Global

Dan Popehn
1700 67th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55430  US

Company Overview

Founded in 2011 as a division of Hiawatha Rubber, Mainsail Global is an innovation and technology company dedicated to customized, durable and energy-efficient wastewater treatment solutions for any industry. As chemists, engineers, construction professionals and technology experts, we work directly with facilities to develop solutions that help them avoid regulatory issues, boost environmental image, and cut energy costs by up to 40%. Our uniquely collaborative Field Test Program allows us to analyze waste streams and develop fine-pore, flexible diffusers that are chemically correct to withstand even challenging dairy and petro chemical environments. We believe that any partnership is a fresh opportunity to think critically and stay at the forefront of innovation in the wastewater treatment industry. Through collaborative efforts in water analytics, testing, manufacturing and new product development, we transform our clients' businesses to offer them a competitive advantage.