Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers is president and CEO of Strategic Partnerships Inc., a business development company specializing in government contracting and procurement consulting throughout the U.S. Her recently released book, Inside the Infrastructure Revolution: A Roadmap for Building America, is a handbook for contractors, investors, and the public at large seeking to explore how public-private partnerships or joint ventures can help finance their infrastructure projects.


  • 7/8/2021

    America’s water infrastructure may soon get the attention it deserves now that funding is available. Billions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) are on the way to public officials throughout the United States. Most states are allocating additional funding as well, and many local officials will take advantage of consolidating the two new revenue sources to finance large and costly projects.

  • 6/1/2021

    We rarely stop to consider how difficult it is to be a government leader. The responsibility to identify critical needs, focus on eminent dangers, ensure public safety, and provide citizen services are monumental tasks.

  • 4/21/2021

    There is no disagreement — water is a precious asset. Without water, there is no path to survival or sustainability on the planet. Cities, counties, states, industry, trees, plants, crops, animals, and individuals cannot survive without adequate water resources. In America’s overall drive to sustainability, water is one of the most critical components. Yet, America’s water infrastructure is in significant disrepair. Because it has been ignored so long, some warn that America is entirely too vulnerable.

  • 3/23/2021

    Climate change and the need for mitigation efforts for disaster control have resulted in more federal funding available for public entities throughout the U.S.

  • 2/11/2021

    Billions of dollars are spent each year to renew, replace, expand, or upgrade water systems. The need to do more, and spend more, increases each year. That’s because the country’s aging water infrastructure has been neglected for too long.

  • 12/21/2020

    Industry leaders throughout America are sounding alarms about the dire state of water infrastructure in the U.S. A new report warns that too many public officials are ignoring repercussions that can be anticipated because of under-investing in drinking water resources and wastewater systems each year.

  • 10/22/2020

    Most of the country’s water infrastructure is either at, or very near, the end of its useful life. At a time when funding is scarce and public officials are distracted with other critical issues, something must be done.

  • 2/18/2020

    Clean and adequate water resources are essential components of human existence. For many years, government leaders had few problems providing this precious resource. That’s no longer the case, and companies interested in contracting with government to fix water problems will find an abundance of opportunities in 2020.

  • 10/30/2019

    How frightening is it to imagine a day without adequate water supply? Or, a time when drinking water is no longer safe?

  • 9/23/2019

    Looking for a diverse and lucrative public-sector marketplace? If so, don’t overlook upcoming opportunities related to natural disaster recovery in regions that were ravaged by floods, fires, and other weather-related disasters. Demand for private-sector firms to provide services in these regions is extremely high.