Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers is president and CEO of Strategic Partnerships Inc., a business development company specializing in government contracting and procurement consulting throughout the U.S. Her recently released book, Inside the Infrastructure Revolution: A Roadmap for Building America, is a handbook for contractors, investors, and the public at large seeking to explore how public-private partnerships or joint ventures can help finance their infrastructure projects.


  • 7/11/2024

    Water resources are a critical component of any region’s ecosystems. But, perhaps even more important is the realization that water is also essential for human survival. Its needs cannot be ignored.

  • 5/23/2024
    The EPA recently announced that $3 billion funding is available to replace old water distribution pipelines to ensure safe public drinking water throughout the U.S. Even before federal funding became available and mandates were issued, many cities took the initiative to address aging pipeline issues and the dangers associated with lead contamination.
  • 4/22/2024
    Recently, the U.S. EPA announced long-awaited water quality standards outlining the maximum contaminant levels for PFAS contaminants in drinking water. This marks the first time national standards for a new contaminant have been added to the Safe Drinking Water Act since 1996. It represents, without doubt, an ominous alert that should be noted.
  • 3/14/2024
    In February of 2024, additional federal funding was announced for water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Almost $6 billion is now available for every state and territory for water projects. As a result, contracting opportunities for private sector collaborations are being announced weekly.
  • 1/22/2024
    After working for the past 25+ years to help companies be successful in selling to government, I get questions daily about what it takes to be successful in the public sector marketplace. This column's objective is to provide some 'Best Practices for Success' because I firmly believe it is in the best interest of all parties, including taxpayers, to make collaborations and public and private sector interactions as successful as possible.
  • 12/20/2023
    In 2024, there will likely be more water projects throughout the country than history has ever recorded. That's a very good thing because water security is critical for the nation's stability.
  • 10/19/2023
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced an $800 million allotment for rural infrastructure projects. Although the funding may seem insignificant, it will greatly increase the number of new projects launched in 2024. It is also important to note that the federal funding, in almost every case, will be supplemented by other state or local the projects will not necessarily be small.
  • 9/20/2023

    The Department of the Interior will oversee a recently announced federal funding program named the WaterSMART program. It is designed to provide funding for projects that fortify the Western region of the U.S. against drought and climate-related water scarcity.

  • 9/8/2023
    There's too much confusion about public-private partnership (P3) engagements. That really needs to change.
  • 7/20/2023
    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocated the largest amount of funding ever to be invested in the country's water resources. More than $50 billion was earmarked to specifically improve the country's drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. In addition to that funding, almost every state has also increased its funding commitments to improving water infrastructure. Water projects of all types are currently on the drawing boards or in the planning stages throughout the U.S. A few examples of what can be expected are described here.