Stormwater Products And Services

  1. Datasheet: Sigma 900 MAX All Weather Refrigerated Sampler, 115 Vac
    Hach Sigma 900 MAX All Weather Refrigerated (AWR) Samplers are ideal for NPDES stormwater compliance, pretreatment compliance, CSO studies and monitoring, industrial wastewater discharge, and WWTP process control
  2. HYDROVEX IHV Euro-Type Vortex Flow Regulator
    HYDROVEX® IHV Euro-type vortex flow regulators are designed to perform dynamic flow regulation. They find their application in Stormwater, Combined or Sanitary Sewers. They are installed at the outlet point of drains, retention tanks, Storm outfalls, etc
  3. Datasheet: HYDROVEX® IHV Euro-Type Vortex Flow Regulator
    The HYDROVEX® IHV Euro-type vortex flow regulators operate without moving parts, exclusively under the effects of the flow
  4. Datasheet: HYDROVEX® CCV Check Valve
    The HYDROVEX® CCV Check Valve is designed for use in water and sewage. It has no reinforcement and is especially applicable in open channel flows, when a small pressure drop is desired and the back pressure is moderate, e.g. in sewers, all types of stormwater and overflow tanks, stormwater overflow and in sewage treatment plants
  5. Datasheet: HYDROVEX® VHV / SVHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator
    A simple means of controlling excessive water runoff is by controlling excessive flows at their origin (manholes). John Meunier Inc. manufactures the HYDROVEX® VHV / SVHV line of vortex flow regulators to control stormwater flows in sewer networks, as well as manholes
  6. FloGard® Perk Filter
    Continuing its long history of providing innovative stormwater management solutions to the development industry, KriStar Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a cartridge media filter, the Perk Filter, to its family of FloGard® products for post-construction Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  7. Brochure: Global Stormwater Solutions
    Environment 21 is the solution of choice. Recognized as a world leader in stormwater pollution control and available globally, Environment 21 products are produced locally to your project site giving you the ability to obtain LEED credits for your project. From pretreatment to detention/retention, Environment 21 is able to offer the complete stormwater product package, while creating the perfect treatment train to handle any situation without searching other resources
  8. Datasheet: HYDROVEX® Stormwater
    Adjustable PVC control gate with adjustment scale to position on vertical walls. Limits outflow in flow regulating chambers
  9. McVan ANALITE NEP390 Series In-Situ Turbidity Sensors
    The ANALITE 390 series of microprocessor based turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where turbidity levels of up to 1,000NTU may be encountered
  10. McVan ANALITE NEP9000 Series In-situ Turbidity Sensors
    The ANALITE NEP9000 and NEP9500 series of turbidity probes are an enhanced version of our successful ANALITE 190 and 195 series probes. They offer better performance and greater ease of deployment yet are available in exactly the same mechanical package (G version)