Case Study

Singer Valve Improves Aussie Water Supply

Source: Mueller Water Products

Without the right solution, aging water pipes, overflowing tanks and noisy valves can become chronic issues to a water retailer’s supply infrastructure. Imagine the maintenance demands and repair costs, not to mention the risk of an unpredictable water supply.

That’s why South East Water Ltd., one of Melbourne’s three water retailers, depends upon Singer Valve for a variety of pressure reducing and altitude control valves to enhance the performance and reliability of its infrastructure. In fact, due to South East Water’s aging pipes and its reduction in maintenance staff, its demand for reliable valves has skyrocketed.

“South East Water has been using Singer valves for more than 30 years,” says Warren Roberts, a mechanical supervisor for Siemens Ltd, South East Water’s primary mechanical and electrical maintenance services contractor. “Singer products are reliable and South East Water knows that from experience.”