Case Study

Replacement Vacuum Liquid Feeder For Poly Aluminum Chloride Ends Feed Reliability Problem For SWTP

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

By Cliff Lebowitz*

Raw water
Raw water is primarily from the Meadow River, and also from Anglin’s Creek, near where it feeds into that river. Turbidity typically varies from 3 to 300 NTU, and has been as high as 2000 NTU during a flood in 2016.

The Chief Operator for a surface water treatment plant (SWTP) reports that replacement of a troublesome vacuum liquid feeder for poly aluminum chloride (PACl), with a more advanced vacuum liquid feeder, ended the threat of a process upset for operations staff that was caused by the previous unit not being able to hold a constant feed rate. The ability to provide a consistent feed is needed as a key element in the plant pre-treatment process, which features turbidity reduction and clarification.