News | May 7, 2014

New GridBee GS-9 Submersible Electric Mixer From Medora Corporation Sized For Small Tanks And Budgets


Positioned on the floor of the tank, the mixer creates a constant flow of water that in effect scrubs the floor and sides of the entire tank, constantly replacing disinfectant and killing bacteria.

The new GridBee GS-9 submersible electric mixer from Medora Corporation, designed for potable water storage tanks up to 1 MG (3 MG in moderate climates) and priced under $5,000, helps smaller municipalities meet potable water quality standards at an affordable cost.

Based on the same long-distance mixing technology as SolarBee solar-powered mixers and larger GridBee electric mixers, the GridBee GS-9 electric mixer thoroughly mixes potable water storage tanks, especially the bottom three feet, the most critical part of the tank. Thorough mixing provides uniform water age and disinfectant distribution while eliminating stagnation, thermal stratification and short-circuiting. In cold climates, the GS-9 helps prevent ice buildup inside tanks.

“We saw the need for a mixer that smaller municipalities can afford, is easy to install and operate, and still provides the performance of a pricier mixer,” said Joel Bleth, president, Medora Corporation. “The GS-9 is two-thirds the size and two-thirds the cost of the popular GS-12—yet has the same powerful mixing capabilities.”

Measuring 24 inches (62 cm) long, 11.5 inches (30 cm) in diameter and weighing 60 pounds (28 kg), the GS-9 is easily lowered through a 12-inch or larger tank hatch. There is no need to enter or drain the tank. Low-impact feet and end-caps will not damage interior tank coatings, and a suspension kit is included to keep the mixer off the tank floor if desired.

For optimal water quality and to meet EPA Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule, the GS-9 mixer is compatible with Medora’s disinfectant boost and THM removal systems. Requiring minimal power, the GS-9 operates on 120 volts and is warranted for three years parts and labor. An optional NEMA 4x control box with SCADA monitoring is available.

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SOURCE: Medora Corporation