Article | October 11, 2013

Data Validation Of Continuous Analyzers

Source: Swan Analytical USA
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By Randy C. Turner, Technical Director, Swan Analytical USA


Continuous analyzers are routinely employed to monitor water and steam cycles in industries such as power generation, municipal water and waste water, pharmaceutical, and microelectronics.  The chemists and operators rely on these analyzers to:

  • Continuously monitor and or control the process
  • Ensure quality control
  • Control chemical feed
  • Initiate boiler blowdown
  • Automatically stop the process during excursions
  • Alert operators of alarm conditions
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

Continuous analyzers are an integral part of the process to maintain quality, ensure compliance, and protect the assets.  Therefore it is imperative to ensure the analyzers are functioning properly and provide accurate and reliable data.  This requires validation of the data provided by the analyzer on a routine basis.  The frequency may be determined by the standard operating procedures (SOP) established by the organization or by federal and state regulatory agencies.