Pinnacle Ozone is the manufacturer and world class integrator of rugged & compact, energy efficient industrial ozone systems. Our Pinnacle systems are used in a diverse array of industrial, commercial and municipal water application areas where treatment requires compact size, system mobility, high efficiency, wide operational pressure, and complex system integration solutions and services.

Pinnacle systems are based on the water cooled, QuadBlock® ozone generators providing the most reliable, ozone generation technology in the market today. When QuadBlock® generators are modularly installed together; the systems operate quietly and efficiently by simply turning power up or down linearly from 1% to 100% based on real-time, customer process inputs. Operating at 80%, 50% or 20% means a direct saving of 20%, 50% or 80% of the power respectively. In addition, the need to destroy large amounts of excess ozone is no longer required as ozone is produced at a quantity only needed to meet the process demand. This provides substantial operational cost reductions over traditional ozone control systems and a significant customer return on investment.

Pinnacle Ozone proudly offers in conjunction with our equipment a unique world class ozone test laboratory that analyzes customers’ “real-world” water problems and turns them into workable ozone product solutions. We ensure that before any product is sold, it is predetermined to work and is fully capable of servicing both the upper and lower operational dynamics of every customer’s process.

Our systems feature the Peak, Summit and Zenith product series. The Peak ozone system ranges in output from 10-60 lbs. of ozone per day, the Summit ozone system ranges in output from 70-100 lbs. per day, and the Zenith ozone system ranges in output from 110-750 lbs. of ozone per day. However, Zenith systems can be ordered in configurations up to 6,000 lbs per day for larger application demands. Pinnacle offers an ozone system that will work for any application size or type. All ozone output ratings above are at 10% concentration by weight but also have the ability to operate between 5-9% concentration by weight.

Contact us today for additional information on how Pinnacle Ozone systems can help solve your water quality problems. At Pinnacle Ozone… we treat water right!

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