Latest Headlines

  1. California Athletic Field Complex Installs SIGMA Hydrotec Trench Drains

    SIGMA’s Hydrotec Trench Drains provided a reliable, strategic drainage solution to an athletic field construction project in the Northern California town of Tracy.

  2. Parker Hannifin Releases The On-Line THM Analyzer

    Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, recently released the Parker On-Line THM Analyzer, a new on-line analytical system enabling real-time control for water quality optimization by automatically measuring individual and total trihalomethane concentrations at ppb levels in real time without manual sampling or the use of reagents.

  3. Hydromax USA And Utilis LTD Partner To Provide Satellite-Based Leak Detection Services For Water Utilities Across The U.S.

    Hydromax USA recently announced their partnership with Utilis LTD to exclusively provide water utilities and municipalities across the Central and Eastern United States the ability to analyze satellite imagery to detect water leaks within their network infrastructure without the time and manpower of field-based acoustic surveys.

  4. Water Community Celebrates Drinking Water Week With The Theme ‘Your Water – To Know It Is To Love It’

    The American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America kicked off Drinking Water Week recently by highlighting the theme “Your Water – To Know It Is To Love It”.

  5. The Universal Digester, Flexible Options Provide Long-Life Tank Solutions

    With the advent of the new AMP6 TOTEX cost requirements taking precedence in assessing new tank and Anaerobic Digester installations for the Water Utility market, long service life and low maintenance are key factors in making purchasing decisions.

  6. The Value Of Water Coalition Announces Infrastructure Week 2016

    The Value of Water Coalition recently announced that it will play a leading role in Infrastructure Week 2016, which will be May 16-23. During Infrastructure Week, local, state, and federal leaders will sound the alarm bell that our economy, jobs, and public health and safety are being threatened by a failure to invest in the maintenance and modernization of our nation's infrastructure.

  7. MRI Inclined Plate Settlers Upgrade Richmond, VA Plant To 140 MGD

    Meurer Research, Inc.’s patented Inclined Plate Settlers and Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collectors are being installed to replace aging equipment, improve effluent quality and enhance solids removal at the Richmond, VA Water Treatment Plant.

  8. Hydraulic Institute Offers Pump Webinar Series To Assist Pump Industry Navigate The Requirements Of The New DOE Pump Rulemaking

    The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is offering a new webinar series on Navigating the Requirements of the DOE Test Procedure.

  9. Ghalilah Desalination Plant Honored With Distinction Award For Desalination Plant Of The Year At 2016 Global Water Awards

    The Ghalilah desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates has been honored at the 2016 Global Water Awards with a Distinction Award in the Desalination Plant of the Year category, which recognizes plants commissioned in 2015 that represent the most impressive technical achievement in the industry.

  10. Modern Water’s Range Of Trace Metal Monitors Invaluable To Municipalities Around The World In Protecting Drinking Water

    The need for municipalities around the world to protect communities against harmful trace metal contaminants in their drinking water supplies has never been greater, especially following the recent tragic drinking water events in North America, Asia and Europe.