Latest Headlines

  1. NEW Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems MAGNUM Mix Chamber Increases Polymer Activation Efficiency By Up To 30%

    UGSI Solutions, Inc. is pleased to introduce and release the new Polyblend® MAGNUM mix chamber for immediate sale. Specifically, the MAGNUM mix chambers are available for sale as a retrofit to existing M‐Series emulsion polymer activation units (models M240‐M2400) or as a completely new M‐Series unit.

  2. Introducing The ChemLocker™ Reservoir Dosing Station Which Provides Flexibility And Economy In Managing Distribution System Water Quality

    Recognition that overall system water quality is increasingly dependent on proper disinfectant residual management in the distribution network has led UGSI Solutions to develop a family of network water quality management tools that range from tank mixing (Tank Shark®), tank boosting (ChemLocker™) to fully‐automated reservoir residual chemistry management (Monoclor™).

  3. Veolia’s New Modular Bulldozer Design (MBD™)Using Crystallization Technology Chosen By Osum Oil Sands Corp.

    Osum Oil Sands Corp. in Alberta, Canada has awarded Veolia Water Technologies the Orion Phase I Crystallizer system, which reduces costly disposal of evaporator blowdown waste.

  4. Mighty River, Mighty Filter

    Huckleberry Finn wouldn’t recognize today’s lower Mississippi River. Massive walls separate the river from low-lying lands along the bank, an area called the floodplain. Floodplains were once the spillover zone for the river.

  5. Mesofilter Inc. Announces The First Water Filter Technology To Reduce Arsenic In Drinking Water

    Mesofilter Inc., developer and manufacturer of innovative nanotechnology to filter heavy metals in water, recently announced that global public health organization NSF International has certified the first drinking water pitcher to reduce arsenic to NSF/ANSI 53 - Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects, an American National Standard for drinking water treatment units. 

  6. Refugio County Water Control District No. 1 Selects Southwest Engineers

    Southwest Engineers Inc.,a full-service civil and environmental engineering firm, recently announced Refugio County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) No. 1 in Tivoli, Texas has joined the customer roster.

  7. The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is pleased to announce the election of two new members to the Board of Directors. Joining the Board, which is composed of volunteer members from municipal utilities, industry, government agencies, corporations, and academia, are Chris Hill of ARCADIS and Ken Lykens of HDR Engineering.

  8. Innovyze Retires InfoWorks WS With Launch Of More Powerful Next-Generation InfoWorks WS Pro Water Distribution Systems Modeling Software

    Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, recently announced it has retired its InfoWorks WS software, to be succeeded by the more powerful, next-generation InfoWorks WS Pro. Current users may continue to use and receive support for InfoWorks WS until December 31, 2017.

  9. GE’s Water & Process Technologies To Upgrade Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plant

    GE’s Water & Process Technologies recently announced that it will supply its advanced wastewater treatment equipment for an upgrade of the Luo Fang Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shenzhen City, Guang Dong province, making it the largest membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant in China.

  10. Progressive Water Treatment Completes Third Major Power Plant Project In 2016

    OriginClear Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dallas-based Progressive Water Treatment Inc. (PWT), recently completed the installation and startup of a $2M boiler feedwater system for a power plant operated by a major Midwestern public utility.