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Sigma SD900 Refrigerated Sampler, 115V Sigma SD900 Refrigerated Sampler, 115V
The SD900 sampler also offers reduced maintenance. Extended pump tubing life reduces maintenance costs and pump downtime. The rugged, see-through pump cover stands up to daily use and makes visual inspection and troubleshooting quick and convenient
Pumps - Electric Submersible Pumps - Electric Submersible

Ideal Usage of Electric Submersible Pumps: Removing water and handling solids up to 3.15" when electric power source is available.

Leopold® FilterWorx® Performance Filters Leopold® FilterWorx® Performance Filters

FilterWorx performance filters from Leopold are designed to achieve filtration cycles that meet your permit requirements. They are suited for applications such as potable drinking water treatment, tertiary wastewater treatment, nutrient removal in water or wastewater, pretreatment prior to low-pressure membrane systems, and RO membrane desalination pretreatment. Download the brochure to learn how the components can help you integrate a cost-effective, energy-efficient, high-performance filtration system.

PMSL’s PSA Series - Aerators & Mixers PMSL’s PSA Series - Aerators & Mixers
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has specifically designed the PSA withstand heavy-duty loads
<B>Municipal Wastewater Treatment</b> Municipal Wastewater Treatment

With a broad line of high-quality carbon products, comprehensive service programs and treatment systems, advanced equipment and technologies, Calgon Carbon provides cost-effective solutions in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment

OptiFiber&reg; Cloth Media Filtration OptiFiber® Cloth Media Filtration

Technology pilot demonstrations can be beneficial to wastewater treatment plants by providing a snapshot of essential process operating conditions and allowing the customer to interact with the technology and factory personnel.

Thermal Hydrolysis Solutions Thermal Hydrolysis Solutions

Veolia developed Bio Thelys™ and EXELYS™, two innovative solutions that combine thermal hydrolysis with anaerobic digestion. With multiple configurations, Veolia provides a customized thermal hydrolysis process meeting each plant's needs.

OxyStream&trade; Oxidation Ditch OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch

The OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch from WesTech Engineering has proven to be the ideal equipment for biological wastewater treatment applications throughout the world. It combines vertically mounted, low-speed surface aerators with an oxidation ditch design to maximize oxygen transfer efficiency while maintaining the greatest flexibility for power turndown. In addition, the OxyStream™ has greater side water depths and fewer required aerators than a conventional brush rotor or disc rotor oxidation ditch. The vertical slow-speed surface aerator eliminates maintenance-prone horizontal shafts, pillow block bearings, and drive units near the water surface. Above all, the OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch provides energy savings and produces predictable, high-quality effluent.

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  • The User’s Guide To Integrated Planning
    The User’s Guide To Integrated Planning

    The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), the research branch of the waste and stormwater industry’s primary trade and lobbying group, is developing a set of tools and data to help communities pursue wastewater and stormwater projects that integrate multiple disciplines while complying with regulations and keeping costs down.

  • Compliance Tips For EPA’s New Power Plant Regulations
    Compliance Tips For EPA’s New Power Plant Regulations

    Now that the final rule has been published in the Federal Register, the stage is set for official implementation of the U.S. EPA’s Steam Electric Power Generating Effluent Guidelines on Jan. 4, 2016.

  • 7 Questions For Solving Odor Control
    7 Questions For Solving Odor Control

    If you were somehow transported back to the 19th century unawares, the first thing to tip you off might be the smell.

  • Wet Weather Challenges And Solutions
    Wet Weather Challenges And Solutions

    Susan Moisio, conveyance and storage leader with CH2M, sheds light on the conditions and obstacles facing municipalities as they struggle with stormwater management.

  • Is It Time To Fight PPCPs?
    Is It Time To Fight PPCPs?

    There’s no question that they have found their way into our water supply and there’s evidence to suggest they are neutering fish, making birds fat, and exposing drinkers to gender-morphing side effects.

  • EPA Fails 6 Subjects
    EPA Fails 6 Subjects

    Like so many schoolchildren sweating out final grades, the U.S. EPA gets its own report card each year, served by the EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG). Unfortunately, it’s full of bad marks.

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  • Keeping Corrosion At Bay
    Keeping Corrosion At Bay

    A metallically-pure, stress-free surface provides optimum corrosion protection for wastewater treatment plants. Here’s how to get there.

  • Before Emergency Strikes: How To Prepare A Plant For Mobile Equipment Services
    Before Emergency Strikes: How To Prepare A Plant For Mobile Equipment Services

    Nobody wants to think about the worst case scenario but if you’re responsible for water treatment at an industrial plant, you can’t avoid it. There are any number of things that can force a plant to go offline and it’s imperative that a contingency plan is in place for such an event. Luckily, there are mobile equipment suppliers that can keep things running during an outage, planned or otherwise. Water Online spoke with one provider of such a service, Evoqua Water Technologies, about how it keeps plants running no matter what.

  • Smart Cities Getting Smarter About Water
    Smart Cities Getting Smarter About Water

    There’s a lot of talk in the water industry these days about “operating smarter.” But what does “operating smarter” actually mean?

  • Monroeville Experience With Mueller&reg; Service Brass
    Monroeville Experience With Mueller® Service Brass

    General Manager William Snyder talks about Monroeville, AL’s water distribution system, important features when selecting service brass, and why they prefer to work with Mueller Co. and Consolidated Pipe. This video documents the advantages water utilities and distributors have when sourcing service brass from Mueller.

  • $9M Renovation Of Secondary Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility
    $9M Renovation Of Secondary Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Pangnirtung is an Inuit hamlet in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, located on Baffin Island. Fredericton based integrator, exp Services Inc., was selected for the nine million dollar renovation of Pangnirtung’s secondary municipal wastewater treatment facility. They chose VTScada for the brand new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which gives the operators the ability to monitor and control the plant, receive alarms and notifications, view historical data trends and report.

  • Boost Your Water Network Operational Efficiency
    Boost Your Water Network Operational Efficiency

    There are many potential issues that can affect a utility’s water network, including leakage and contamination. Having the ability to predict potentially harmful events that could occur can help utilities not only save money, but ensure that clean water is delivered efficiently and affordably. Download the full case study to read more of the story of how one utility found a solution to its growing distribution network problems.

  • Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring For The Utility
    Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring For The Utility

    In today’s connected world, remote monitoring of water or wastewater system assets is available to any size of utility. As enterprise systems for the large cities continue to evolve in their complexity, nimble cloud-based solutions where the data is housed outside of the utility are offering an affordable monitoring platform to smaller cities and distribution networks.

  • Addressing Chronic Flooding In Texas
    Addressing Chronic Flooding In Texas

    The city of El Paso, TX, lies on the tip of the Chihuahuan desert, and it is not uncommon for a year’s worth of rain to occur in a matter of days during the summer.

  • Does Water Flow Uphill?
    Does Water Flow Uphill?

    Be honest – how many times would you answer yes to the following questions?

  • CT2211 Leak Detection System Datasheet

    The European Commission’s Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) legislation (UN ADR 2013, 75/324/EEC) mandates that aerosol dispensers and small receptacles containing compressed gas (gas cartridges) must pass a leak-proof test before they are transported. Cascade’s CT2211 leak detection system detects and rejects leaking aerosol cans up to a rate of 500 cans per minute. The system is contactless, ensuring minimal product damage or contamination.

  • 6 Musts When Choosing A Water Service Provider
    6 Musts When Choosing A Water Service Provider

    Choosing the company that will fill your water service needs is like making any other long-term commitment. It’s impor­tant to do your homework, identify the areas that are most important, and take the time necessary to find a good match.

  • Utah Water District Saves Time And Resources, Improves Accuracy By Upgrading Sensors And Analyzers
    Utah Water District Saves Time And Resources, Improves Accuracy By Upgrading Sensors And Analyzers

    Monitoring chlorine and fluoride levels in the drinking water of Utah’s Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District used to be expensive, labor intensive, and often sensitive to interference from the vari­able frequency drives used to operate the chlorine injection pumps. That is, until the district upgraded to Rosemount Analytical free chlorine and fluoride sen­sors and analyzers from Emerson Process Management.

  • Green Infrastructure Goes Grey
    Green Infrastructure Goes Grey

    Sustainable approaches to stormwater management are taking hold around the world. One example is the European Union Horizon 2020 funding for Nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities (urban re-naturing) – launched today.

  • Get To Know Swan
    Get To Know Swan

    This video gives a brief tour of Swan's products and applications expertise, and also explains why Swan is named Swan.

  • The Case for Trans-Basin Water Pipelines
    The Case for Trans-Basin Water Pipelines

    Those in the water industry know water is essential for life and brings economic value, but the economic role of water is often not as well understood by the general public. This paper reviews the history and development of our transportation, electrical, and energy infrastructure and then presents a plan for our nation’s water to be augmented from where we have it abundantly to where we badly need it.

  • Installing Hydro-Guard&reg; Automatic Flushing Saves Rural Texas Town $8,000 A Year
    Installing Hydro-Guard® Automatic Flushing Saves Rural Texas Town $8,000 A Year

    Managed by the private, non-profit South Jasper Water Supply, Buna, Texas’ water system contains 91 miles of un-looped distribution pipe with historical water losses of up to 30%. A small operations team is responsible for monitoring two water plants, reading 700 meters, repairing leaks, and flushing water to control the water quality. In an effort to spend less time manually flushing hydrants and focus more time on repairing leaks to reduce non-revenue water loss, South Jasper Water Supply purchased and installed two (2) Hydro-Guard® HG-1 Basic/S Flushing Systems.

  • Model-Driven Development
    Model-Driven Development

    There is a name for your organizational structure, even if you've never given it any thought.  But knowing it can help you determine your career path options. Perhaps you work in functional structure - or maybe a matrix.

  • WWEMA Window: It’s Time To Make Ourselves Conspicuous
    WWEMA Window: It’s Time To Make Ourselves Conspicuous

    Each year, in an effort to better understand and serve its members, the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) asks them, “What keeps you up at night?” For the past several years, the top answer has been the same: funding.

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