• Case Study: Memcor® System Helps Keep Big Apple Water Supply Fresh
    Case Study: Memcor® System Helps Keep Big Apple Water Supply Fresh With one of the world's largest surface water supply networks, New York City delivers nearly 1.3 billion gallons per day of water to eight million city residents along with nearly a million more consumers in four upstate counties, and hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists. By Siemens Water Technologies

MEMCOR® Continuous Microfiltration System Maximizes Water Resources For The City Of Scottsdale, Arizona

The desert community of Scottsdale, Arizona had no natural surface water sources and a decreasing groundwater supply. Scottsdale had historically treated and disposed of its wastewater.

Finding The Right Pretreatment Mix For RO/Ion Exchange Systems

Smart defense benefits the entire team. Having an ffective, durable water pretreatment system in advance of reverse osmosis (RO) or ion exchange systems is the first, most critical line of defense ensuring smooth, more trouble-free performance downstream. Contributed By Eco-Tec

Case Study: Membrane Filtration System Improves Water Sustainability At NEWater Plant In Changi, Singapore

Due to continuous growth in population and industry, wastewater management and reclamation is an important topic for Singapore to ensure a future sustainable water supply. Although water is precious for this city-state, so is space.

Stinkin' Drinkin' Water No More: Oxidation/Filtration Removes Hydrogen Sulfide

In January 2010, AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC was contacted by Aqua Utilities Florida to provide a hydrogen sulfide removal system for the Lake Josephine Community located in Highlands County, Florida.

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Modular HIT System™

Modular HIT System™

The world’s MBBR/IFAS technology experts at Headworks BIO have developed a smarter way to treat wastewater for reuse. The result is the Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT) System™: a modular, compact wastewater treatment system designed for smaller communities and industries.

Filtration: Filtomat M100 Series -- Pistonless Model

Filtration: Filtomat M100 Series -- Pistonless Model

Water is filtered through the fine screen to the outlet. The filtration cake is accumulated on the inner surface of the fine screen causing pressure differential to build up
Heavy Metal Removal - Electromedia® VI

Heavy Metal Removal - Electromedia® VI

Electromedia VI provides effective, economical filtration
<B>High Efficiency Filter Cartridges</b>

High Efficiency Filter Cartridges

Shelco Filters' MicroVantage™ high efficiency filter cartridges are the ideal choice when high retention efficiency and outstanding value are essential. Our product range includes high efficiency and absolute rated melt blown depth and pleated filter cartridges to provide multiple options for the filtration process.

Horizontal Filtration Trailer

Horizontal Filtration Trailer

The HFT is a high-capacity, trailer-mounted system designed to provide temporary water treatment in a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications

Filtration: FA Series Air and Gas Filters

Filtration: FA Series Air and Gas Filters

Shelco's FA Filtration Series are ideal for all types of gases and compressed air filtration.
Aqua MiniDisk Cloth Media Filtration System

Aqua MiniDisk Cloth Media Filtration System

This filter is designed to provide economical treatment of smaller flows with the added advantage of retrofitting existing traveling bridge sand filters.

Filtration: Filtomat MCFM Series

Filtration: Filtomat MCFM Series

The MCFM filters remove dirt particles as water flows through the coarse and fine screens to the outlet. The PLC controls the self-cleaning modes required according to the type of dirt and the dirt loads

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Water treatment filtration involves the removal of suspended particles from water by passing the water through a filtration medium. As the water passes through the filter, floc, minerals, microorganisms and other impurities get stuck in the filter and are removed from the filtered water. Passage can be blocked by physical obstruction, biological action, adsorption, absorption or a combination of ways. Filtration is usually the final step in the solids removal process during water treatment which typically begins with coagulation and advances through flocculation and sedimentation.  

Unfiltered or turbid water is difficult to disinfect because microorganisms growing on suspended particles are often harder to kill than when they are separated from the particles. Turbidity can also cause unwanted taste and odor issues in the potable water supply. Drinking water filtration is also used to remove microorganisms that are resistant to traditional methods of disinfection such as chlorination. By requiring a low turbidity in finished water, water treatment plants are ensuring that few or no microorganisms such as Giardia are present in finished drinking water.

There are three typical methods of clean water filtration used during the water treatment process. Conventional filtration follows coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation and precedes disinfection. Direct Filtration follows coagulation and flocculation when there is no sedimentation step. The final method called In-Line Filtration takes place without flocculation or sedimentation. A coagulant chemical is added to the water just before filtration and coagulation occurs in the filter. 

 There are many types of filter media being used in today’s water treatment industry.




Activated Carbon Product Quality Video

Activated Carbon Product Quality Video

Jacobi Carbons obtained ISO 9000 certification in the early 90s and meets ISO 14001 environmental quality standards. This video focuses on Jacobi Carbon's worldwide quality assurance practices and philosophy.

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  • AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.
    AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.

    AdEdge Technologies, Inc specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, adsorbent-based products, and systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous steams. We are an organization based on solid deliverable, scalable, scientifically proven technology and experience for the removal of arsenic and other contaminants from water

  • QUA Group
    QUA Group

    QUA® headquartered in USA, is a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge advanced membrane products used in the water, wastewater, and water reuse markets. Sold exclusively through a global network of qualified OEM's, QUA's product offering includes their innovative Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI®) stack, which has superior hardness tolerance compared to the other electro-deionization products on the market and their NSF Certified Q-SEP® Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes.

  • Ovivo

    Ovivo brings together more than 200 years of collected experience, process expertise and proven technologies; but that doesn’t mean that we’re complacent. Over past centuries of growth, development and refinement we have been guided by the principle of delivering value to our clients. Our equipment and technologies already have a reputation for long-term durability and reliability, offering decades of use and leading to lasting relationships with key customers.

  • Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
    Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

    Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers comprehensive water and wastewater solutions for industrial and municipal customers. With unique technologies and process expertise, Veolia specializes in engineering, design, and project management, construction and execution.

  • Membrana

    Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors are used for degassing liquids. They are most commonly used for O2 removal from water and CO2 removal from water, but they are also capable of controlling a variety of other dissolved gasses as well, such as Nitrogen.

  • Aquatech International Corporation
    Aquatech International Corporation Established in 1981, Aquatech International Corporation is a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water reuse, and zero liquid discharge.
  • Leopold -- A Xylem Brand
    Leopold -- A Xylem Brand

    Leopold - A Xylem Brand has long been a worldwide leader a in the water and wastewater treatment industry supplying both filtration and clarification systems. Since its establishment in 1924, Leopold has pioneered and acquired a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the quality of water while reducing costs.

  • Evoqua Water Technologies
    Evoqua Water Technologies

    Evoqua Water Technologies, formerly Siemens Water Technologies, is a leader in water and wastewater treatment products, systems and services for industrial and municipal customers. We offer a wide range of proven product brands and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service contract options.

  • Degremont Technologies
    Degremont Technologies

    Degremont Technologies is the Equipment Business Line Division of Degrémont, S.A., the international water treatment plant specialist, and a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a key player in the field of sustainable development.

  • Severn Trent Services
    Severn Trent Services

    Severn Trent Services is a leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions. We provide our clients with some of the industry’s brightest minds, advanced technologies, and quality products to provide you with truly efficient, cost-effective solutions to your water and wastewater challenges

  • Shelco Filters
    Shelco Filters

    Shelco takes pride in providing a complete line of filters for a wide range of industrial applications including water and other in-plant liquids, gasses, foods, beverages, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, photographic solutions, fuels, lubricants and plating solutions.

  • WRT - Water Remediation Technology, LLC
    WRT - Water Remediation Technology, LLC WRT provides effective processes for removing radium, uranium and other contaminants from water. Our complete package of services includes process equipment, proprietary treatment media, safe exchange of media, and proper handling and disposal of used media
  • Amiad Water Systems
    Amiad Water Systems Amiad Water Systems has more than 40 years experience as an industry-leading supplier of automatic self-cleaning filters, valves and accessories.
  • Filtronics, Inc.
    Filtronics, Inc. Filtronics has manufactured water and waste water treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications since 1974
  • Eco-Tec Inc.
    Eco-Tec Inc.

    Eco-Tec Inc. engineers, designs, manufacturers and distributes from Pickering, near Toronto, Canada. Customer service and technical support provide treatability studies, installation service, on-site supervision and operator training...

  • Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
    Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

    Since 1969, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment and systems for both municipal and industrial markets, worldwide.