Partnership For Successful Smart Water Network

Faced with aging meters of all kinds from multiple manufacturers, the Etowah Water & Sewer Authority, about an hour north of Atlanta, looked to implement a complete replacement program, one that would not simply replace all existing meters but would also favorably position the Authority for years to come. Specifically, they looked for an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution from one vendor that offered improved accuracy, greater longevity and forward-looking capabilities that would allow them to grow and develop as the future warranted. 


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  • Wireless PRV Monitoring Application Note

    Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are used throughout water distribution systems to reduce pipeline pressure to a predetermined set point. This decreases water loss and prevents pipe breaks.

  • Hydrant Pressure Monitoring Application Note

    One of the most popular uses for the Telog Hydrant Pressure Recorders (HPRs) is to monitor and analyze customer pressure complaints. The HPR is ideally suited for this application because it is rugged, highly portable, and can give a complete, time stamped picture of the pressure differential between the customer’s water pressure and the water pressure being delivered by the utility.

  • AMI Codes II-HC High Total Chlorine Residual Monitor

    Some wastewater applications require chlorine residuals greater than can be effectively monitored using DPD due to the oxidation of the Wurster dye to a colorless Imine. Such applications include industrial wastewater processes that inherently have a high chlorine demand thereby requiring a more robust monitoring method.

  • Leak Detection Using Conductivity

    Virtually all industries from food and beverage to chemical processing use heat exchangers, condensers,or jacketed vessels. Leakage of the process into the cooling water represents a loss of product and can be a source of fouling or corrosion in the cooling water system.

  • How To Read An Encoder

    The HR-E LCD encoder has a 9-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to show consumption, flow and alarm information. The display automatically toggles between 9-digit and 6-digit consumption, rate of flow and meter model.

  • Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring Application Note

    Providing water distribution monitoring solutions since 1987, Telog continues to offer the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.

  • Accurately Measuring Network Leakage

    The pressures of supplying a growing global population mean that the world’s water supplies need to be managed more closely than ever.

  • Pipe Repair On A Budget

    A new pipe-repair solution promises to save time and money, while also being sustainable, long-lasting, fully scalable, and safe for workers.

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Venturi Inlet Single-Jet Technology

Venturi Inlet (Single Jet) - The Venturi inlet conditions the water into a jet directing the flow and force of water towards the tips of the impeller.

Sensus iPERL Residential Water Meter

The Sensus iPERL residential water meter provides technologically unprecedented low flow accuracy, allowing customers to capture both lost water and revenue. With no moving parts, the iPERL requires no additional maintenance and is resistant to wear, retaining its accuracy for the life of the unit. Lead-free, the iPERL’s composite alloy flow tube meets government and industry regulatory requirements and maintains stability through a wide range of temperatures. Designed to boost operational efficiency and increase returns, the iPERL system integrates seamlessly with the Sensus FlexNet™ communication network, offering water utilities a wide range of remote system management options.

Sensus accuSTREAM Residential Water Meter

accuSTREAM® magnetic drive positive displacement meters use an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications or similar service needs.

RTP Tanks - Fiberglass Reinforced Tanks
Our thorough knowledge of materials science and structural dynamics means the tank you buy is the best for your application with the most cost effective options available.
Mueller Systems MegaNet™ High Power AMI

Mueller Systems extends its commitment to providing utilities with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve energy and water, and improve customer service, with the addition of MegaNet™, a high-powered, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The MegaNet system complements Mueller Systems’ other metering solutions, including the Mi.Net® infrastructure network AMI system and HotRod™ automated meter reading solution.

MasterLinx Vehicle Reading System Software

The MasterLinx Vehicle Reading System is a portable AMR system that's self contained in a small lightweight portable case and is used to capture meter RF transmissions for reporting and input into a billing system.

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  • 7 Ways Smart Meters Save Water

    In an era of drought and conservation, smart meters can be utilities’ best allies in the fight to preserve water supplies.

  • Where Utilities And AMI Can Live In Perfect Harmony

     While advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) may seem like the wave of the future, there are some things about the revolution that can be intimidating. Many utilities might like more metering information and digital management, but have serious questions about how such a system will fit into current processes and affect the bottom line.

  • Boston Water’s Revenue Protection Division: To Protect And Serve

    Non-revenue drinking water is usually the result of leakage and spills caused by worn or neglected infrastructure. On the mean streets of Boston, a revenue loss task force grapples with these challenges, plus the threat posed by enterprising criminals.

  • Pressure Point: Overlooked Pipeline Tech Strengthens Water Distribution Systems

    Water distribution might sound as easy as passing water through pipes, but good municipal managers know better. With failing infrastructure rampant and an increased focus on operational efficiency, water quality, and conservation, distribution systems demand oversight and optimization. 

  • 5 Tips For The 100-Year Storage Tank

    Treatment plant showrunners are constantly looking for ways to conserve. But few realize that one of the simplest ways to save money in the long run concerns the ubiquitous behemoths surrounding the plant. They fail to properly maintain their storage tanks.

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Royal Opening For Sulzer's New Middlesbrough Service Centre

Sulzer’s new, purpose-built Service Centre in Middlesbrough has been officially opened by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, who was given a tour of the new facility by Arthur Grant, the Service Centre Manager.

Matt Damon's Mission To End World Poverty

In 2007 he was named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, but these days, Matt Damon is getting noticed for something far less sexy. During a trip to Africa in 2006, Damon made it his mission to help people in developing countries have access to safe water and sanitation. He talks to Katie Couric in "World 3.0".

Mueller Systems 420 Remote Connect/Disconnect Meter (RDM) Video

See how 420 Remote Connect/Disconnect Meter (RDM) from Mueller Systems can optimize AMI and AMR systems to help utilities improve the operational efficiency of their water systems.

Video: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Installation Of Automated Water Meter Readers
Mayor Bloomberg, Department of Environmental Protection Acting Commissioner Lawitts and Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication Commissioner Cosgrave announced today that citywide installation of automated water meter reading technology has begun.
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