From the Editor

  1. Award-Winning Videos On Stormwater Best Practices

    Unlike Hollywood, big-budget projects are hard to come by in public works. So when it comes to stormwater, the community relies on the combined efforts from an ‘ensemble’ cast of characters to help prevent pollution — as seen on StormTV.

  2. Betting On Biogas: A Wastewater Plant’s Journey

    The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s (LASA) recent $26.8 million upgrade to its lone wastewater treatment facility promises to reduce the plant’s environmental footprint and save costs by emphasizing energy efficiency and allowing for biosolids reuse.

  3. 3 Game Changers For Water And Wastewater

    Three key events from 2015 could reshape the water/wastewater industry in 2016 and for years to come.

  4. Accounting For Drought: Better Water Through Validated Audits

    In an effort to uphold the AWWA’s mission of facilitating safe and reliable drinking water, the California-Nevada section announced a “validated system water audit” program as part of its Water Loss Control Collaborative.

  5. Joining The Fight Against ‘Flushables’

    The “flushables” scourge has cost utilities all over the world millions of dollars and countless hours of maintenance. Some groups are attacking the problem at its source.

  6. Hold The Salt, Save The Water

    An important part of public safety is the application of sodium chloride — road salt, rock salt, ice melt, etc. — to reduce slippery conditions on roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. But there is a downside to the liberal application of road salt: it eventually ends up in waterways and groundwater, affecting ecosystems and water quality.

  7. Inside The White House Roundtable On Water Innovation

    The White House put the issues facing the nation’s water industry in high relief as it hosted a “Roundtable on Water Innovation.”

  8. Follow The Leader: CH2M Water President Offers 10 Pearls Of Wisdom

    The consulting engineering firm’s newly-named water lead sets the tone with insight on utility operations, technology development, infrastructure funding, and more.

  9. The Call To Increase The Water Supply

    The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), a branch of the Department of the Interior tasked with supervising water resource management, has put out a call for research proposals that will increase the nation’s usable water supply.

  10. The 2016 Financial Guide To Utilities

    Credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Services issued a 12 to 18 month outlook for business conditions of municipal water and sewer utilities.