From the Editor

  1. State Regulators Respond As Water-Industry Engineers Retire

    Tennessee is trying to plug the water-sector "brain drain," a problem that poses major risks to water utilities as a generation of engineers and other highly-skilled workers retire.

  2. Toilet-To-Tap In 150 Seconds

    Wastewater and seawater can be made drinkable in a mere 150 seconds using new technology, according to the company that developed the system.

  3. Water Tanks And Severe Weather

    Severe weather can be devastating, and, according to numerous weather sources, is occurring more frequently and widespread.

  4. Full Metal Racket: Metal Thieves Take On The Water Industry

    As the metals market heats up, metal theft has become a frequent headache for water utilities.

  5. Drought Mandate Sparks Demand For Water Technology

    California's new drought rules could be tough on various industries, but there's one big exception: the water-technology sector.

  6. Gay Rights Debate Draws Water Utility Input

    As gender and sexuality discrimination cases dominate the national debate this year, the water industry has been forced to examine this issue.

  7. Fracking Waste Disposal Wells Spark Water Fears

    Locals are fighting a proposed disposal well for fracking wastewater in Nebraska because they say it could put the local water supply in jeopardy.

  8. The Big Melt: Glaciers In Canada Expected To Shrink

    Global warming may be on track to almost completely wipe out certain glaciers in Canada by the end of the century, according to new research on climate trends in the western region of the country.

  9. New Rules: A Review Of Regulatory Reform Proposals

    What does a Republican-led Congress mean for the future of environmental regulations? A legislative insider provides the scoop.

  10. WWEMA Window: Where’s The Funding?

    Cherry trees in full bloom, Water Week, the U.S. Water Prize, the WWEMA Water Challenge, and a Congressional Technology Exposition all provided an exciting backdrop to the WWEMA Washington Forum April 13 to 15 in Washington, D.C.

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