From the Editor

  1. Dropping Off PPCP Contamination

    To combat the presence of PPCPs in waterways, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has established drop-off points for consumers to safely dispose of unwanted pharmaceuticals.

  2. A Gameplan For Water Technology Innovation

    The Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute has mapped out best practices for water industry innovation and a framework for converting ideas into action.

  3. WWTP Plant Open Its Doors To Raise Public Support

    The average ratepayer has little idea what goes on after their toilet flushes or their water goes down the drain. While most treatment operators are OK with serving behind the scenes, a Vermont plant is pulling back the curtain, hoping that more transparency will lead to increased support for future funding initiatives.

  4. Turning Problems Into Profit: WWTP Creatively Solves Phosphorus Challenge

    A Chicago-area wastewater reclamation plant has found an innovative solution for their phosphorus problem. They’re going to turn it into fertilizer, stopping regulatory issues before they start, and eventually making a profit in the process.

  5. The Future Costs Of Hurricane Damage

    The Congressional Budget Office released a report this month indicating that increases in hurricane damage and the resulting requests for federal aid will outpace the country’s economic growth. If these predictions come to fruition, utilities in coastal areas should be prepared to handle increased storm surges and recover without abundant federal aid.

  6. How To Remove PFOA And PFOS

    The Water Research Foundation has released the results of a study testing the most effective method for treating PFOA and PFOS in drinking water.

  7. Take 5: Movies About Water

    Last month, I attended a municipal open house that was held just a few miles from the Water Online offices. The scene, like that of a movie, triggered thoughts of Hollywood's take on water issues. Just how many movies have featured water as the central theme? I came up with five.

  8. Choosing A Corrosion Control Treatment Strategy

    Here in the post-Flint era of municipal water operations, and for the foreseeable future, the loudest mandate for utilities will be to "get the lead out" of our distribution systems. Until such time that all lead lines are replaced, control strategies will need to be employed.

  9. A Wise Investment: Convincing Congress Of State Revolving Funds

    A recent economics benefit analysis has found that increased investment into the Drinking and Clean Water State Revolving Funds will have robust benefits for the economy at large. But will it be enough to increase funding?

  10. Superpower Of Water Research Takes Flight

    While two longstanding water research groups are discontinued, from them a bigger and better organization emerges. Get to know the changing face of water research through this Q&A with Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.