From the Editor

  1. Bringing The Water Loss Fight Home During ‘Fix A Leak Week’

    The U.S. EPA estimates that more than one trillion gallons of water are lost through household leaks every year. It introduced “Fix a Leak Week” to bring that number down.

  2. The Bible On Effective Utility Management

    The U.S. EPA and multiple water groups recently gathered during Water Week 2016 in Washington, D.C. to announce updates to a core document of effective utility management (EUM). If utilities aren't already familiar with this document, they need to be. 

  3. Is Capacitive Deionization The Key To Desalination?

    Capacitive deionization can remove ions, like salt, from water. With a lower energy cost than many other desalination methods, could it be the answer to drought?

  4. The Unknown Bacteria Behind Anammox

    A recent study into one of the world’s first anammox reactors has determined the organisms behind the process, including a mysterious “dark matter” microbe. Do they hold the key to improving wastewater nutrient removal?

  5. The Future Of Industrial Water Reuse

    A market expert shines a light on the bright spots and trouble spots for industrial water reuse, revealing who should consider the practice and why.

  6. When It’s Time To Consider Ice Pigging

    Ice pigging is a method for cleaning pipes that combines the effectiveness of invasive techniques with the limited disruption of non-invasive techniques.

  7. Methods For Making Ultrapure Water

    To break down the treatment options here are three popular ultrapure treatment processes from leading technology suppliers.

  8. Pennsylvania Storm Highlights Need For Better Stormwater Management

    Stormwater management is key at any wastewater treatment facility. But sometimes even the most prepared utility is overwhelmed by a massive weather event.

  9. Cities Across The U.S. Invest In Water Treatment Plan Upgrades

    Although the headlines often highlight the slow pace of progress at water/wastewater utilities, numerous cities throughout the U.S. are investing in water projects.

  10. Empowering Water Entrepreneurship: Flexible Filtration Gel Shaped For A World Of Contaminants

    Part three in our series on the “Pow! emPowering Opportunities in Water” competition from Veolia, The Water Council, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation takes a closer look at winning company WAVVE Stream Inc.