From the Editor

  1. The Science Of Water: Analysis Lab Does More Than Just Testing

    For many, the word “bureau” conquers up images of suit-clad men and women brandishing firearms and badges. But in Philadelphia, employees of another type of bureau are also protecting the public — using science.

  2. Water Rights Policies, Not Just Weather, Drying Up California

    The weather is not the only challenge for parched California water districts. Outdated water policies may exacerbate difficulties caused by the drought. 

  3. Senate Advances Bill Regulating Chemical Storage Tanks

    Legislation aimed at protecting the water supply recently moved forward in the Senate. 

  4. 3 Alternative Nutrient-Removal Techniques

    With a little help from water-quality managers, Mother Nature can do the job of remediating impaired or at-risk watersheds, while making them more resilient to nutrient loading.

  5. Engineering Angle: The Future Is Here — Embracing A New Paradigm In The World Of Water

    Among the prominent advancements in improving public health and environment over the past two hundred years, collection and treatment of domestic wastewater ranks near the top.  The traditional view of wastewater treatment has been of a “linear pipeline,” whereby wastewater is collected at one end of a watershed, transported as quickly as practical to the other end, where it is treated and discharged to the nearest waterbody as a disposal byproduct. By Art Umble, Ph.D., MWH Wastewater Practice Leader for the Americas region

  6. As States Battle For Basin, Activists Keeps Data Close To Vest

    As the Tri-State Water War continues to fester, stakeholders are taking additional pains to keep their data secret. 

  7. Water Tax Fuels Race For Michigan’s Next Governor

    The race for governor in Michigan is taking a turn toward water policy. 

  8. Effort To Restructure Alabama's Biggest Water Utility Hits Snag

    Legislation to rein in the power of Alabama's largest water utility died in the city council this month after a well-financed political fight. 

  9. Cancer-Inducing Chemical Found In Chinese City’s Drinking Water

    As a city in western China fights severe benzene contamination, analysts say it is one more sign of the country's challenges with tap water quality. 

  10. Instrumentation In Activated Sludge: Past, Present, And Future

    After a century of operation, the activated sludge process is still being fine-tuned to meet today’s challenging treatment and efficiency targets.