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SCADAPack 530E | 535E Remote Programmable Automation Controller

SCADAPack 530E | 535E Remote Programmable Automation Controller

With the SCADAPack 500E range, Schneider Electric introduces the first ever remote Programmable Automation Controller (rPAC). The ARC Advisory Group has defined the rPAC as a whole new way to look at remote site automation. An rPAC combines the power of a PAC with the versatility of an RTU.

Aclara’s PLATINUM_<I>services™</i>

Aclara’s PLATINUM_services™

As part of its STAR_select™ solution for water utilities, Aclara Technologies LLC, a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure technologies for water, gas and electric utilities, announces platinum level services for its network and system that make it easier to implement a successful AMI strategy.

VTScada Historian

VTScada Historian

Standard VTScada Component - No other software does more to protect your historical data and put it to work across your organization.

Security Solutions For Water And Wastewater Operations

Security Solutions For Water And Wastewater Operations

A secure facility ensures a secure community. Security solutions from Schneider Electric can help your plant comply with regulations, manage budget constraints, and eliminate the risk of contamination.  

Plantstruxure PES

Plantstruxure PES

PlantStruxure™ PES (Process Expert System) is the innovative process-automation system from Schneider Electric that provides the single global database design and diagnostic features of a Distributed Control System (DCS). The energy-aware architecture allows companies to rapidly design systems, reduce downtime, and increase process and energy efficiency.

N_SIGHT<sup>™</sup> Software Suite

N_SIGHT Software Suite

System health. Customer service. Revenue enhancement. These days, utilities must go far beyond basic meter reading to achieve the intelligent functionality they require. Neptune’s N_SIGHT software suite was designed to help get them there.

R900<sup>®</sup> System

R900® System

It's amazing how far you can take an endpoint – while leaving it right where it's always been. The R900® radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) requires no reprogramming. The same high resolution, 8-digit E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder that gives your utility the meter readings and consumption data you count on in mobile-mode, also provides what you need for hybrid AMR and full fixed network AMI. Your utility is unique with unique needs. Where you start – and where you eventually arrive – is up to you.

R450<sup>™</sup> System Makes Utility Operations Visual

R450 System Makes Utility Operations Visual

Based on Esri® GIS mapping that allows you to view critical conditions and infrastructure status throughout your service areas, R450 RF fixed network technology makes it easy to collect and interpret the data you need.

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