• Emperor Brown's New Groove?
    Emperor Brown's New Groove?

    As the California legislative session came to a close, perhaps the most important (and polarizing) piece of legislation had to have been Governor Brown’s Water Conservation Ordinance. By demanding a statewide 25 percent water consumption reduction, Governor Brown is the latest in a long line of historical lawmakers that implemented such water conservation laws.

  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Shines As Aquifer Recharge Solution
    Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Shines As Aquifer Recharge Solution

    Decentralized wastewater treatment systems have come a long way. Learn how new advancements have broadened their potential and may provide relief to fast-depleting groundwater resources.

  • A Future Without Waste
    A Future Without Waste

    What the road to full resource recovery looks like and how to get on it.

  • The Top Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Projects In North America
    The Top Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Projects In North America

    CG/LA Infrastructure has released its annual ‘Strategic 100 North America’ report, a ranking of the highest-value public projects set to move forward in the next 18 months, and only nine of the 100 are from the water/wastewater sector. What gives?

  • Options To Replenish Depleting Groundwater
    Options To Replenish Depleting Groundwater

    It supplies drinking water for more than half of the total U.S. population and greater than 95 percent of the rural population. It helps grow our food because more than 60 percent of it is used for irrigation to grow crops. It's an important component in many industrial processes, and it’s a source to recharge lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

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Aftermarket & Services
Aftermarket & Services

Protect your investment right from the start with Pall PRO Services including problem free installation and commissioning, preventative maintenance service agreements and spare parts management programs. Get the performance you need every day, year after year.

TeSys T: The Intelligent, Connected Motor Management And Protection System
TeSys T: The Intelligent, Connected Motor Management And Protection System

The TeSys T advanced motor monitoring, control, and protection system is designed to provide top performance, efficiency, and connectivity, fulfilling the most demanding needs.

Altivar Process ATV600
Altivar Process ATV600

ATV600 is a range of ready-to-order drives and custom engineered drives focused on fluids management processing and energy saving.

CT2211 Leak Detection System
CT2211 Leak Detection System

The European Commission’s Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) legislation (UN ADR 2013, 75/324/EEC) mandates that aerosol dispensers and small receptacles containing compressed gas (gas cartridges) must pass a leak-proof test before they are transported. Cascade’s CT2211 leak detection system detects and rejects leaking aerosol cans up to a rate of 500 cans per minute. The system is contactless, ensuring minimal product damage or contamination. With the increasing number of safety and quality standards required, Cascade’s CT2211 will ensure current and future regulatory compliance.

Traveling Bridge Clarifiers
Traveling Bridge Clarifiers

Traveling bridge clarifiers perform the same functions as circular clarifiers. Both water and wastewater applications are served by this bridge system, including both primary and secondary clarification.

AccuGrid Surface Grating
AccuGrid Surface Grating

AccuGrid protective grating provides a strong, interlocking, non-skid surface on top of tube settler and trickling filter media. As a cost-effective alternative to other walkway systems, it covers the entire media surface for complete access to the distribution system. AccuGrid also improves safety by eliminating trip hazards through its surefoot tread design and locking tabs that maintain panel alignment.

Process Design Assistance
Process Design Assistance

Brentwood’s full staff of technical designers and skilled engineers take each project from concept to realization. Our designers provide installation and layout drawings while working in conjunction with our engineers to perform process analyses and optimize systems for each application.

The experience of our engineers is a key factor in product improvement and new product development. Feedback from customers and knowledge gained from installations are assimilated into the design process to ensure that Polychem products and systems address every customer need.

Installation Support
Installation Support

Brentwood’s systems and components are engineered not only for performance, but for ease of installation. With a dedicated team of site technicians who have assisted in countless installations, you can be assured not only that the system will run properly, but that your employees will be educated and prepared to operate the system. Additionally, Brentwood’s process team is available for consultation throughout the lifetime of your system to provide maintenance advice and to ensure continued performance results.

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  • Technology Helps To Inspire Community-WWTP Relationships
    Technology Helps To Inspire Community-WWTP Relationships

    The relationship between the wastewater treatment plant and the community it serves is a delicate one. Unfortunately, politics gets involved because many plant improvements are purchased with municipal bonds.

  • People Leverage Technology To Transform Plant Processes
    People Leverage Technology To Transform Plant Processes

    Regardless of how the many wastewater treatment plants across North America and the world are configured, their missions are the same. At the core of their operations, these facilities are charged with maximizing the efficiency of managing their wastewater and water resources.

  • A Water Network For Economic Vitality
    A Water Network For Economic Vitality

    Those in the water industry know water is essential for life and brings economic value, but the economic role of water is often not as well understood by the general public. This paper reviews the history and development of our transportation, electrical, and energy infrastructure and then presents a plan for our nation’s water to be augmented from where we have it abundantly to where we badly need it.

  • VSD Value: Why You Should Invest In Variable Speed Drives
    VSD Value: Why You Should Invest In Variable Speed Drives

    A Q&A with Matthew Gormley and Gerald Dixon of Schneider Electric, who explain the functionality, operational advantages, and cost savings associated with variable speed drives (VSDs).

  • 7 Things To Consider Before A Smart Meter Rollout
    7 Things To Consider Before A Smart Meter Rollout

    More than 45% of installed water meters in North America are equipped with automated meter reading technology, according to a recent IHS Technology 2014 report  (“Water Meters Report – 2014”).

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