• Eliminator™ Band Screen
    Eliminator™ Band Screen

    The Headworks® Eliminator™ protects sensitive biological systems with very fine openings and by eliminating carry-over and by-pass.

  • Field Pilot Testing by Filtronics
    Field Pilot Testing by Filtronics

    Once we have received your General Mineral Analysis, actual field tests determine the treatability of the water source. The purpose of the pilot testing is to verify removal efficiencies and ascertain the operating costs. Chemical feed rates and electrical costs are also determined during the process. All tested water samples are sent to an independent laboratory for verification of field testing. A pilot test provides the basis for the Filtronics performance warranty.

  • Flygt 2620 Sludge Pump
    Flygt 2620 Sludge Pump

    Built on the Flygt 2600 series platform, the Flygt 2620 pump transports sludge and other liquids containing solids up to 2” (50 mm) in diameter with ease.

  • Aqua UltraFiltration™ Membrane System
    Aqua UltraFiltration™ Membrane System

    The Aqua UltraFiltration Membrane System offers a compact, T-rack design with multibore strength, high permeability, resistance to fouling, and minimal power/chemical requirements to provide lower O&M costs.

  • Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Instrument
    Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Instrument

    The Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Instrument is ideal for long-term groundwater and surface-water applications. The instrument leverages our patented, EPA-approved RDO® Technology. The compact instrument houses six water quality sensors and measures 12 parameters.