Wastewater Evaporation

Wastewater Evaporation
SynThermic Wastewater Evaporators Reduce or eliminate wastewater disposal costs
SynThermic Wastewater Evaporators
Reduce or eliminate wastewater disposal costs.

A2 Offers SynThermic Waste Heat Evaporators
Eliminate your wastewater disposal problems while providing efficient process cooling. Our SynThermic units use low-temperature waste heat to dispose of wastewater in an innovative evaporation process.

Synthermic Evaporative Benefits
The SynThermic system utilizes an innovative low-temperature process providing a number of advantages:

  • The process uses low temperature, otherwise unusable, waste heat.
  • Low operating temperatures permit the use of non-corrosive plastics.
  • No scaling and fouling with high TDS fluids.
  • Operates efficiently at varying loads.
  • Excellent process for concentration and precipitation of dissolved materials.
  • Portable or permanent installations.
  • Equipment is reliable and easily maintained in the field.
  • Can be fully automated for efficient operations at unmanned or remote
  • Fresh-water recovery option available.

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