Datasheet | May 19, 2009

Datasheet: DynaMc™ 28 HP Pipe Fusion Machine

Source: McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.
The new DynaMc™ 28 HP (Hand Pump) machine butt fuses pipe from 2" IPS – 8" DIPS (63mm – 225mm) with a hand-powered pump. The 28 HP is available in 2- and 4-Jaw models.

Worthy of the DynaMc name, the 28 HP is a true dynamo, giving the operator a powerful fusion unit in a small package. With a detachable easy-lift cradle, the 28 HP machine is easily maneuvered into tight spaces. The 28 HP's electric facer is sturdy and powerful, with the option of being loaded from either side of the machine for improved convenience.

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