1. Smart Metering Not An All Or Nothing Proposition

    Water utilities of all sizes face daunting challenges.  Small utilities face the same challenges as large utilities, but have to do more with less.

  2. Intranet Of Things For Water/Wastewater Podcast From Schneider Electric

    Water systems are a decades-old infrastructure that have been slow to adapt to new technologies. 

  3. Keeping Your Control Valves In Good Health

    Control valves need regular check-ups to perform their best. Over time, valves experience a great deal of pressure, stress and wear from everyday use. By thoroughly inspecting your valves on a regular basis, you can avoid leaks, cracks, breaks and other issues that usually lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Additionally, keeping a close eye on your valves allows you to identify and monitor certain benchmarks so you can make changes to optimize valve performance. It’s important to follow a few simple guidelines for ensuring optimal valve health.

  4. Protecting Your Drinking Water For 40 Years

    As I traveled across the country this year, there’s one thing I could count on everywhere I went: tap water that’s safe to drink.

  5. New Challenge: Put Technology To Work To Protect Drinking Water

    You likely remember when, this past summer, half a million people who live in the Toledo, Ohio, area were told not to drink the water coming out of their taps for several days. A state of emergency was declared because of a harmful algal bloom, which released toxins into the water that could have made many people ill.

  6. EPA’s Upcoming Regulation On Strontium — What You Need To Know

    In October, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a preliminary determination to regulate strontium in the nation's drinking water.

  7. ScreenMaster RVG200 Paperless Recorder Operating Instructions

    This manual provides installation and operating procedures for the ScreenMaster RVG200 paperless recorder.

  8. F, V, W Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter Full-Bore Flow Sensors

    This User Guide provides end-user details for installation and connection.

  9. Antiscalant Impacts Water Reclamation Efforts

    Water reuse efforts in the West Coast are a priority and have the Ground Water Replenishing System (GWRS) of the Orange County Water District (OCWD) utilizing new technologies for water conservation. 

  10. Emergency Tank Repair Prevention And Preparation — Avoid Winter Woes

    Drinking water tanks are surrounded by threats daily, but most problems associated with emergency tank repairs can be prevented. Extra time and maintenance may be needed to ensure the tank is protected, and water operators should have an effective plan to restore water services if a tank emergency does occur.

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